Posted on March 17, 2020 at 7:45 am

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Armand Joubert and Nic Billington Release Latest Track – Wish You Well

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Armand Joubert and Nic Billington – Wish You Well

Armand Joubert and Nic Billington Release Latest Track - Wish You Well

South Africans updates their music playlists for the new single Wish You Well by Armand Joubert and Nic Billington! An Unexpected collaboration has audiences thinking twice about toxic relationships. Two of South Africa’s pop musicians, Armand Joubert and Nic Billington, have collaborated and a brand new catchy single. Wish You Well, as the end result will leave audiences touched by the message on toxic relationships.

“The message behind this song is about getting rid of all the negative elements that are synonymous with a toxic, broken relationship,” Nic explained.

According to Armand, Wish You Well has a very personal message for him. “I am ready for transformation and transitioning into the next chapter of my life. Without toxic people,” Armand said. Both of these successful and talented artists are very excited about their, very much unexpected, collaboration.

Armand and Nic shared their thoughts on this collaboration :

Armand Joubert and Nic Billington Release Latest Track - Wish You Well

“I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else but the incredibly talented Nic to do this project with me,”  Armand added.

This is the first single Nic released in five years and he is excited about this journey that represents a new and exciting time. He mentioned his extreme excitement on working with Armand and shared his thoughts on this collaboration, stating ;

“Wish You Well is honest yet powerful and what a privilege to collaborate with the super talented Armand Joubert.”

Furthermore, with Wish You Well they hope to send the message that no one needs to stay in a toxic relationship. That everyone also needs to stand up for themselves. To certainly make a change in their lives.

The Music Video 

The music video for this single filmed at a warehouse and highlights the contrast between a happy relationship and one resulted in a toxic situation.  Armand, aka AJ, certainly always praised for his energetic performances, high notes and impeccable style.

His first single, “Should I back”, released in 2017 and in August 2019 he released his debut album, You’re Too Theatrical. Nic’s debut album, Overload released in 2013 along with his first single, “Kiss”. Play-listed on many radio stations nationwide.

Wish You Well

This track has certainly resonated with South Africa and the world. Many of us have experienced toxic relationships, whether it is with friends, family or partners. This song certainly brings people closer together. Armand and Nic really brought killer flames with this music video as well. The hardcore leather style, the open space insinuating the toxicity and space, the lyrics and not to mention THE BEAT! It all synchronizes so well!

This song really does hit feels in a very different manner. We can all relate to this feeling and it is safe to say that this song perpetuates “no fucks given syndrome”, We do not have time for negative and toxic people any longer so therefore, Armand and Nic definitely showed us how to say goodbye with this track, WISH YOU WELL! To listen to the track on all digital platforms, click here.

Have a look at this incredible music video for Wish You Well: 

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