Posted on February 13, 2020 at 2:30 am

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Psychologist and Healer, Urmi Chhapia trains underprivileged children as a give back to society

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Philanthropy can be a mere term for some, but people like Urmi Chhapia have adhered to its real meaning in their lives. A psychologist by profession and a spiritual healer, Urmi has been helping people with family and marriage therapy, relationship counseling, tarot reading, and spiritual healing. Academically she is a two masters degree holder.
Realizing to do something different, Urmi has been training especially able children through various psychotherapeutic methods such as behavior therapy, sand tray, play therapy, and family therapy to name a few. To give back to society she also trains underprivileged children. Her work also includes spreading awareness about mental health in schools and vicinity.
Urmi Chhapia
Urmi Chhapia
Speaking about her work and journey, Urmi says,
“It’s so much learning while you help people change. Meeting so many people on an everyday basis and knowing their stories is worth the effort and time.  Since my college days, I always dreamt to be a psychologist and have taken many efforts to reach here. It’s so satisfying when people appreciate your work.”
We wish such a warming philanthropist much luck for all her future ventures.
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