Posted on February 21, 2020 at 2:10 am

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A Basketball Career: Is it a Viable Option?

Most people have dreamed at some point of becoming a professional athlete. For most people, those dreams will remain just that. For the dedicated few, though, those sporting ambitions are well within reach, as long as you approach your athletic career in the right way. It will take time and hard work for those that want to pursue a career as a basketball player, but with the right mindset and the right career plan, you could turn those dreams into reality. If your dribbling skills are top-notch and your teammates value your contributions, here’s a short guide to becoming a professional basketball player.

First Step: Be Good

You’re not going to get noticed by a scout if you’re only an average player. That means you’re going to need to dedicate a large part of your life to practice. The earlier you start your practice, the better a player you can be. You must play and train at every opportunity. Join local teams, and make sure that you sign up for the high school basketball team. This is of paramount importance as it’s where you stand the most chance of learning more and being spotted by those that matter.

 A Basketball Career: Is it a Viable Option?
A Basketball Career: Is it a Viable Option?

Work on Additional Skills

It’s not just your dribble that you have to work on. Of course, you’re going to need to physically train your body, but there are other attributes that you can work on that will make you a better team player. As well as your physical fitness, make sure that you work on your:



If you’re on the high school team, then it’s also essential that you don’t overlook your non-basketball related classes. Those grades are going to be important for getting into college, which should be your goal.

Standing Out

If you want to get noticed by a scout, then you need to stand out. That’s going to mean being better than your teammates while still being a good team player. If you win every game but hog the ball, then scouts and coaches are going to be far less interested, and that’s bad news for your next step.

Apply for Scholarships

If you do get spotted by a scout, then they may be able to advise you on good basketball scholarships to apply for. Some are better than others, so you should do your research. Make sure that you apply for basketball scholarships that come with more than just financial assistance. Options like can be beneficial because they come with well-designed career plans, and with established industry connections that can take you all the way to the NBA.


Make sure that your basketball dreams match the realities of being a pro. If you’re only dreaming of turning professional because you envision huge paydays and fame, then you might be left disappointed. Take the time to understand what life is like for those top-quality basketball players that don’t make the headlines. While fame and fortune are possible, you should only take steps into professional sports if you love the game.

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