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Straight Teeth With Invisalign in Singapore

More and more adults no longer hesitate to be put on braces to overcome their complexes and find a pretty smile.

A star smile, with healthy teeth that are perfectly aligned, is a bit of what everyone dreams of. There are the lucky ones who naturally have beautiful teeth and those who went through the dental appliance box during childhood.

But for those who have grown up and are not satisfied with their smile, it is not too late.

We are looking at the best dental solutions for people interested and for those who have dental braces installed in adulthood: the Invisalign aligners in Singapore.

But first, let’s understand the growing need for better teeth and smiles!

Growth, wisdom teeth and dental concerns

Usually, the braces adorn only the teenagers and high-school students. But sometimes, it happens that the result of orthodontic treatment received during childhood does not last if it was practised during the child’s growth and poorly consolidated.

We have asked the best orthodontist in Singapore about the braces for adults and about the best methods and solutions to keep a beautiful smile yet a sharp look when fixing your teeth alignment.

In many cases, people fall through the cracks and caries occur. Sometimes too, it is the wisdom teeth that come to put the mess in dentitions alignment. For these reasons more and more people decide to have braces put on after 30 because of unsightly dentition.

But it also happens that dental concerns appear with age and threatens the oral health of the adult patient and that this requires the installation of braces.

Braces and adulthood

Straight Teeth With Invisalign in Singapore

Most often, it is a very stubborn complex that pushes adults to have a dental appliance. Your jaw could be too small for all your teeth so they would not be aligned.

With the braces, the teeth can completely change, and it is moving very quickly. However, the braces do not look so nice and hype when you are 40!

A complex that does not only affect women. With the dental appliance, people go to work, and their smile made them feel ashamed, they keep putting my hand in front of their mouth when they laugh to hide my teeth!

People become very complexed by these braces and find that it works against them, both in my professional and personal life,

Invisalign in Singapore: the best teeth alignment method!

A pretty smile is always more pleasant to look at and sends a very positive image to others: we seem happier, more confident and more sympathetic.

The Invisalign technique consists of a method that uses transparent and removable aligners called aligner. This technique has gained much popularity in recent years. Some malocclusions are even more easily corrected with the Invisalign technique. Some of the best dental clinics like DentalDesigns are not the cheapest options available, on average a full treatment with Invisalign in Singapore costs between $4,500 and $9,000. However, one of the main factors in the pricing, other than the number of treatments needed, is the quality and expertise of the people in charge of the treatment. Due to that, the cost of clear aligners can vary from country to country, as well as by the aligner that you want to use, so do your research.

The advantages of Invisalign in Singapore

Invisalign aligners are similar to those used for teeth whitening. The more rigid gutters align the teeth. They are, therefore, almost invisible and appreciated by the patients for aesthetic reasons.

Many adults want to improve the alignment of their teeth. However, many are not in favour of wearing the usual braces.

Adults far prefer the benefits of Invisalign. Because the gutters are removable, it is possible to remove them to eat and brush your teeth.

Besides, the removable gutters greatly facilitate hygiene and mainly the use of dental floss. Also, Invisalign does not require restricting feeding.

The comfort of the gutters is also another advantage. There is thus much less irritation with the wearing of Invisalign aligners compared to more conventional devices.

The Invisalign technique is, therefore, gaining popularity with our adult patients as well as our younger clientele.

Can Invisalign Be Used after a Dental Implant?

While every situation is different, generally speaking, the answer to this question is yes. Invisalign can also be used after a person has had crowns, bridges, and fillings as well. That said, the treatment plan chosen by your dentist will probably involve a little bit of compromise. It’s definitely preferable to get a dental implant once your teeth have settled in their final position and to have Invisalign first. This is because the implants are fixed to the bone and their position cannot be changed, unlike normal teeth. In addition, tooth implant cost is not small, so ideally you should invest in them when you don’t need any other change done to your teeth and achieve the best results possible.

Invisalign braces – how do they work?

Invisalign procedure first requires recording the dentition in 3D. The 3D virtual is done using a scanner as conventional fingerprints do not allow as much precision.

After that, you will do the “Clin Check”. It will then allow us to visualize all the movements necessary to obtain the final position of the teeth.

The key to success remains the execution of this” Clin Check”. The orthodontist will do a precise analysis of the clinical and radiological data of the patient makes it possible to obtain the desired treatment plan.

Only a qualified orthodontist in Singapore has the expertise to make the required changes.

Planning an Invisalign correction compared to conventional devices is different.

Teeth movement takes place differently. Thus, certain malocclusions are more easily corrected with the Invisalign technique than the usual braces. When the method is well mastered and planned, the results are astounding.

The cleats

The cleats represent small glued supports to correct the position of the teeth with the Invisalign aligners. These supports are made of composite resin similar to that used to glue the braces, the base of sealants. However, their shape remains very important to ensure the desired results.

The installation is simple but remains a crucial step. These supports are transferred to the teeth using a gutter called Template.

Finally, the aligners must adapt to the teeth perfectly throughout the treatment. It is, therefore, during the appetizer of these supports that the correction will begin. During this visit, your orthodontist will give you the first gutters as well as the recommendations.

Transparent gutters

The removable, seamless gutters align the teeth. After 20 years of existence, Invisalign technology has succeeded in proving the success of transparent gutters.

Many companies are trying to copy Invisalign technology, but moving the teeth requires a thorough knowledge of orthodontics. Also, the movement of the teeth is done differently with conventional gutters and housings.

Clin check software allows the orthodontist to visualize movements precisely. However, only the orthodontist has the knowledge and experience to confirm the feasibility of the treatment as they can predict movement and side effects.


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