Posted on January 8, 2020 at 11:41 pm

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Five Features Every Business Needs

For a business to succeed, it needs to have more than one leg to stand on. Building a successful business is difficult, and most new companies fail within their first year because they didn’t prepare and were not ready for the realities of their industry. That is why taking the time to prepare and have the answers to all your questions in advance is vital.

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash
Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

To get you started, we have compiled six features that every business needs and should have. Create an answer for each of these pillars, and your new business will have a better chance of standing on its own and thriving.



  • Diversified Income Streams 


It is risky for a new business to rely on only one income, especially when it is largely unnecessary. A musician doesn’t just make money on their music. They also make money on ticket sales and merchandise sales, on top of branding opportunities and sponsorships.


Businesses can do the same. A small, local business can host courses in your niche for a fee. They could offer a repair service. They could even open up a small café to give people a reason to keep coming back or to provide tired spouses with a place to rest while their partner explores your store.



  • Cashflow Prediction 


You are going to have months where the money comes pouring in. You are also going to have months where you find it difficult to make a sale. Predicting cash flow becomes easier the longer you are in business, but it isn’t impossible to predict when you first start out. Christmas is a huge selling month, January is almost dead. Save as much as you can during the Christmas period to support your business through the slow periods afterward.



  • A Smart Recycling Solution 


Every business needs a smarter way to deal with their waste. Throwing it all out is costly, and terrible for the environment. It also means you can forget about the potential of the materials you trashed. Instead, all businesses should sort, bale with 14-hi ten galvanized wire from, and then sell their waste on to relevant parties. Metals, paper and cardboard, and even food waste can be sold for a modest sum to companies who will remake your waste anew.



  • Transparency 


Transparency is great if you are looking to become more sustainable, but even if you are not, it is key to have amongst your suppliers. You never know when you are going to be caught up in a scandal because the supplier you use has ignored international law and employed children, or the building fell down on their workers’ heads.

Know who you work with and ensure compliance throughout the supply chain.



  • A Healthy Company Culture 


Lastly, you need to have a healthy company culture. Employees need to love working for you if they are to give you their best. To create this culture, you need to offer a healthy income, benefits they care about, and progression. If ever in doubt, simply ask your employees what they want to see change in their place of work. In exchange, you will enjoy a motivated, talented and loyal workforce for your brand.

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