Posted on January 27, 2020 at 10:13 pm

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Interview with Food Entrepreneur Amanda Huang

Amanda Huang is a cooking instructor and the founder of Earth Made Kitchen, an interactive learning hub that focuses on cooking skills and healthy eating to a global community. Urban Asian spoke to Amanda about her endeavor in initiating this startup and how she plans to bring her visions of food and health to a community. Learn more about how this food entrepreneur is revolutionizing the way we eat and learn about our food:

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial heart. I consider myself to be driven and passionate — two traits that entrepreneurs embody. The world of food and cooking have also inspired me to be an entrepreneur.
My grandma owned a Hakka (Chinese-Indian fusion) restaurant in Mumbai, India, and my dad ran several businesses, so I was able to observe and listen to their stories. I also read and watch inspiring stories of entrepreneurs, which I find very motivating and helps me with my own journey.

What was the inspiration behind creating Earth Made Kitchen?

I had several inspirations when creating Earth Made Kitchen. I primarily created Earth Made Kitchen to simply help my friends learn how to cook. I had friends asking me to teach them and I would go over to their homes to help them out. I also wanted to create a community, and I knew food was the solution to bring people together.

Why do you believe healthy cooking and eating should be a community effort?

There is a sense of motivation and amusement when people learn to cook together. People can help and support each other when a community is put in place. When it comes to eating healthy and cooking, there is an endless amount of information and techniques to learn, and it’s helpful to have friends learn with you. 

What is your definition of wellness?

To me, wellness is about living a life of fulfillment by being thoroughly self-aware.

What have you learned from creating Earth Made Kitchen?

I learned a lot about community and people as I was building Earth Made Kitchen. I learned about how their lifestyles and health are affected by eating habits, cooking skills and diet. I am also still learning and growing as I continue to build Earth Made Kitchen.

What initiatives of Earth Made Kitchen should we look forward to soon?

More community partnerships (local and global), e-learning and more!

What is your favorite meal to cook? What is your favorite meal to eat?

I cannot decide! I love to cook and eat almost everything. But I guess my favourite meal to cook and eat is pasta with a homemade tomato sauce, such as marinara, pomodoro or bolognese. I like getting creative with my sauces, such as making a vegetable-based marinara. I usually like to pair my pasta dishes with a side salad as well.

What advice would you give to food entrepreneurs starting a business?

Know that going into the business of food can get very complex. There is so much to think about and lots of little details. Seek out a mentor or a food entrepreneur and ask them questions. There were 3 food entrepreneurs I reached out to before getting started, and I either sat down and talked to them, or I created a document full of questions for them to answer via email. Furthermore, be specific with who you would talk to. For example, if you want to open up a restaurant, talk to a restauranteur. Talk to several restaurateurs if you can. I’ve met a lot of people in the food world through my job, so I had some contacts already. But if you are going through a career change, try to get out there and network.

For more information on Earth Made Kitchen, visit the website and instagram. To connect with Amanda Huang, visit her instagram or email her at

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