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5 Ghisa-Pita Dialogues That Every Married Couple Says

5 Ghisa-Pita Dialogues That Every Married Couple Says

5 Ghisa-Pita Dialogues That Every Married Couple Says. Marital bliss is one of the greatest feelings and choosing your Pati Parmeshwar or Dharam Patni is one of the most important decisions of your life. It is nice to think of marriage as a fairy-tale fantasy, although that dream normally doesn’t extend past a few months after the wedding. Quickly, date-nights won’t be a romantic dinner; rather they will turn into the couple falling asleep on the couch by 8 pm after eating the regular dal chawal. Marriage is hard, funny and sometimes annoying, but you eventually survive because he/she is the love of your life. Celebrating the hilarious married life realities, Girliyapa presents season 2 of the much-awaited show, Mr & Mrs.

Here are 5 ghisa-pita dialogues from the series that will resonate with every Indian married couple:

1. Tum expert ko question kar rahe ho?

In every marriage, it’s a universally accepted law that the partner is always right. If you feel he/she is wrong, then you need to sit in a corner, keep your thoughts to yourself and think again. Questioning your spouse’s decision or intellect, shaadi shuda jivan ke liye hanikarak ho sakta hai, a golden rule every person abides by.

2. Pink? Baby Pink? What’s the difference?

The moment when you go shopping with your better half, and yet again he cannot make out the difference between two different shades of pink, or any other color for that matter. That is when you know that you should have called your best friend before asking your husband to tag along.

3. Tum nahi samjhoge

Roaming the narrow streets of a buzzing market only to find the perfect top in your favorite shade, of the right color for the season, is not something that happens every day. If only the partner would understand the dreadful feeling of losing the very top. Typically the partner would be super zoned out or wouldn’t be there to shop, nor would did they sweat to search, perpetually leaving with the feeling – tum nahi samjhoge!

4. Har sasoor kabhi na kabhi ek damad tha

If only every damad used this dialogue more often, the typical sasoor damad anbandh would have possibly been a myth. From being a son in law to being a father in law, it’s a one hilarious roller coaster ride. It’s the most awkward yet lovable relationship that can be witnessed in every household.

5. Sir pe rakho mere

When inconsequential, not so important and untimely questions are asked by the spouse, the typical Indian answer is ofcourse – ‘Sir pe rakho mere’ and there would never be a worthy enough come back to that.

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