Posted on January 3, 2020 at 10:22 pm

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5 Amazing Gifts For Your Friend Who Has Just Gotten Promoted

Moving up in the world is a big deal. Getting promoted is a huge achievement that definitely requires a bit of celebrating.  Whether your newly promoted friend is hosting an intimate gathering or a huge celebratory bash, it is proper etiquette to gift them something useful to acknowledge their success. You don’t want to stick with an average pen or stationary set. Anyone can think of that, and your friend can only use so much of these items.  Your friend would appreciate something unique and exciting to help them celebrate their special achievement. Show up to their party with a gift that is guaranteed to impress. Any of these five ideas would make the perfect gift for a friend who just received a promotion.


  • Retro-Looking Digital Camera


    Memories might fade, but photographs can last a lifetime. The best way to capture a special moment is through taking a picture of it.

Digital phones might take nice snaps that can be filtered and shared with ease, but think of how much fun your friend would have with a retro designed digital camera!

Cool Things Chicago suggests the Polaroid Snap Instant camera that gives digital photographs the appearance of a retro image. No need for filters with a camera that can do it for you!

Give your friend the gift of memory making with a fun camera and consider pairing it with a photobook. They can store every picture in one place to always remember the day they achieved success.

You can help liven up the party and show that you are proud of your friend with this awesome, retro camera.


  • Celebratory Drinking Glasses


Promotions require a good amount of celebration. Any type of party will feature fun drinks, but wouldn’t be complete without a champagne toast.

Help make the toast more special with a set of light-up champagne flutes. Your friend can celebrate in style while you make a heartwarming speech about their success.

Everyone will be in awe at the vibrant colors these glasses feature. They will also make the perfect addition to any of your friend’s future gatherings and parties.

Forget plastic glasses that can be used once before throwing them in the trash. Champagne glasses that are built to last are the smarter way to go.

Make their day just a little more memorable with drinking glasses that make a statement. This is a unique gift that the host and the guests will no doubt love.


  • Reusable Water Bottle


While celebrating the promotion might be tons of fun, the work will likely get a little more difficult. Self-care will be tough to accomplish in a higher position, but you can simply give your friend a gift that will help them feel great.

At Kool8, they know just how important staying hydrated is to feel good all day long. That is why they created an ultra-durable stainless steel reusable water bottle that can withstand a tough day’s work.

The modern design makes it a stylish choice to bring to any office and make a statement. It can also keep beverages at the perfect temperature all day long. Never worry about room temperature water or cold coffee in the afternoon!

Since it is reusable, Kool8 is very environmentally conscious. Gifting your friends one of these bottles will help them make a difference in the amount of plastic waste on the earth.

Not only will you be giving Kool8 as a gift to your friend, but you will also be giving a gift to regions around the world that need fresh water with your purchase. Kool8 donates a part of the profits from every sale to provide clean water in different locations everywhere.

If your friend is big on drinking tea, Kool8 makes the perfect gift. It comes equipped with a tea infuser that makes brewing their favorite beverage simple.

Remind your friend to stay hydrated while they are working hard with a reusable bottle they would love to drink out of. Any of the beautiful color options are bound to make their day and show how impressed you are by their success.


  • Desk Organization Set


Getting promoted might result in a new office that needs to be decorated with style. You can help your friend decorate their new office in an upgraded way.

A desk organization set in the perfect accent color will make a statement in their new workspace. The many pieces it comes with will provide a space for them to store just about anything.

Pens, pencils, envelopes, and folders will all have a home in the new office. Staying organized is the best way to do a job efficiently. Who can get anything done with a messy, disorganized desk space?

Make sure that your friend has all the tools that they need to continue to succeed. A great place to start is in their office since that is where all the magic happens.

Choose the perfect color to compliment your friend’s personality and that will fit best in their personal office setting. Think about how useful this set would be for the friend that needs a boost in their organizing skills.



  • Customizable Star Map


    It might be hard to show a close friend just how much they mean to you and how proud you are of their accomplishments. Anything that can simply be purchased from any store just might not be good enough.

A custom star map from Twinkle in Time might offer the sentimental feeling you are searching for in a gift. It is a new way to demonstrate the importance of friendship.

To create the map, you need to think of a significant event in your friend’s life. Provide Twinkle in Time with the location and date of the event, and they can show you an exact map of the night sky that evening.

All of the stars and constellations will shine brightly on this custom print. Your friend can hang it in their home or their new office to decorate it in style.

A star map is a unique way to acknowledge their success and show how much you care.


Promotions are a big deal, and the gift you give should show how important the event is. Any of these awesome options will make the right statement at a promotion celebration.


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