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Sweet Kind of Sadness – THE PROCESS EP – Amritha Shakti

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Sweet Kind of Sadness – THE PROCESS EP – Amritha Shakti

Sweet kind of Sadness is one of five songs from Amritha Shakti‘s debut EP, ‘The Process’.

Sweet Kind of Sadness – THE PROCESS EP – Amritha Shakti. Written and composed by Amritha Shakti, co-arranged with Oaelluin and beautifully accompanied by Noa Kidd on the guitar, this track explores the beauty of accepting one’s own pain and past, in order to become whole and allow new love and light into one’s Heart again. For Amritha personally, this song symbolizes hope and healing after a particularly difficult period in her early twenties.

Visually, the video explores the confusion Amritha has felt in her life, trying to balance the ‘real-world’ with her dreams as an artist and creator. The video moves between three characters – Amritha as a corporate worker, Amritha as her divine self, and Amritha as the young child, seeking clarity in what she perceives to be a chaotic and sometimes nonsensical world. In many ways, it captures the millennial search for meaning, while trying to balance the practicalities that capitalism forces onto us.

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The biggest thing I learnt this year βœ¨πŸŒΈπŸ’—πŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½ . This year was me finally letting go of control. . I’m a planner - I used to sit on flights and literally plan out my entire life, what I was going to do each year, what I was going to accomplish. And when things didn’t go to plan, I’d be CRUSHED. . Then your girl started getting a bit spiritual - and she realised that theres a timing I might propose, and then there’s a DIVINE timing. . And things changed. This year especially, I decided to experiment with my life a bit - I threw all my plans out the window and I decided to live life based on FLOW, INTUITION and FAITH. . So what does that mean? It meant that I became hyper aware of my deepest feelings - if I was starting to feel stuck, sad or depressed for more than a week or two continuously, I changed my circumstances. I took big decisions quickly, just based on what FELT RIGHT. . I literally lived on Faith - Faith that the Universe, God, the Divine, Krishna - a greater force was out there, and I would simply act on its instructions. . Intuition is your Higher Self, GOD speaking to you. But She speaks only in moments, in realisation. . I learnt to act on that realisation when it comes - and to dive in with utmost faith. . My plan-less year and my leaps of Faith led me to Bali, Malaysia, New York, Mexico. It led me to INSANE musical adventures. It led me to being a remote nomad for a while. It led me to peaks and troughs, ups and downs - but the whole time - I held onto Faith as my crutch. . That was my biggest learning this year - Faith. Drop my ego. Do my best. Work hard. But allow the Divine to decide where I go and what happens next. . #amrithashakti #southasian #southasianwomen #solotravelgirl #southasianblogger #selflovery #indowestern #firstgeneration #daughterofimmigrants #immigrantstories #representationmatters #selflovejourney #spiritualwomen #womenofcolor #womenofcolour #brownwomen #indoamerican #logkyakahenge #fightforyourdreams #lamusic #nycmusic #brownmusicians #theprocessalbum #highvibesonly #browngirlmagic

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I feel it in the wind
Drifting through the rain
It’s floating in the breeze
Tell me I might breathe again

The calm after the storm
When the ground begins to heal
i’m that tiny blade of grass
Relearning how to feel

And I
Know that I will learn to love again
Now that Ix
I’ve found the way back home to me again

This sweet kinda sadness
This sweet kinda pain
This sweet kinda madness
But through it all Ill learn to love again

And I
Thought my heart would never breathe again
Now I
I realise this made me who I am

This sweet kinda sadness
This sweet kinda pain
This sweet kinda madness
But through it I’ve learnt to love again