Posted on November 23, 2019 at 4:27 am

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Feng Shui 101: Do These To Attract Spirits In Your House

Do you believe in spirits or ghosts? Are they even real? It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not since it will always depend on the person’s beliefs and everyone has their comments about this type of thing. According to folklore, a ghost is the soul of a dead animal or person that has taken into a physical form. It is barely visible and sometimes you can only see its shadows.

There are a lot of ghost stories and some are from the past and other stories are from the present. Either way, a ghost can be very frightening since you don’t have any idea when they can show up. Another reason why spirits show up is because of the negative energy of the place or the person. And here are some things that will attract spirits in your house.

Death Obsession

No one might notice it but being obsessed with death can also be the main reason that you are attracting evil spirits to your house. There is no one wanted to think about death especially their death since it is very sad, scary, and creepy at the same time. By thinking about death, you are attracting negative energy and bad spirits which is not good at all.


If you want proof about this then you can also visit cemeteries, abandoned hospitals, and other abandoned places. Death has once ruled these places and most ghost stories are from these places also.

Anxiety and Depression

Depression can be very hard to experience, it is a medical sickness that affects your emotion on how the way you feel and act. Same with anxiety, in which you will feel very uncomfortable about the things that about to come. If you happen to experience these two illnesses or maybe know someone that is experiencing this you should let them see a doctor right away.

Feng Shui 101: Do These To Attract Spirits In Your House
Feng Shui 101: Do These To Attract Spirits In
Your House

Experiencing anxiety and depression, your positive energy will slowly decrease and it will eventually become a negative which will end up attracting spirits and that can be a good or bad spirit and worst, you will be attracting demons which are much stronger than normal spirits.

Abuse of Illegal Drugs

Illegal drugs are bad to everyone’s health and life and it does not just stop there because using illegal drugs will make people open to demonic entities and that can be very dangerous. Some drug addicts made some awful murders not just because they were under the influence of illegal drugs but also they were controlled by a demon or bad spirit.


The reason for this is that your mental, spiritual, and physical energy are all gone once you will be addicted to illegal drugs and that’s the time spirits will come to you. And if you are doing all of this in your house then expect that you will be having a new housemate that you wouldn’t like to have.

Doing Black Magic

From the word itself “Black Magic”, it already means something that is not good in any way. If you heard about witches, then they are the once who are doing these kinds of stuff. Performing black magic is the easiest way to invite spirits and demons. Some people use black magic to communicate with the dead and gather information.


There will be an instance that while using black magic to communicate with the spirits it will go wrong and the spirit will now have a chance to connect with people on their free will. That is why using black magic is not advisable and if you don’t want to anger those resting souls, better just leave them alone instead.

Playing With Ouija Board

For some people, playing with the Ouija board to call some spirits is fun but not until everything goes wrong. Ouija, also known as talking board or spirit board, it is a flat board that has letters and number with words saying yes, no, hello, and goodbye. There is a small piece of wood or plastic which is called planchette to navigate through symbols.


Feng Shui 101: Do These To Attract Spirits In Your House
Feng Shui 101: Do These To Attract Spirits In
Your House

One thing you should know before using an Ouija board is that it can also communicate with a demon and not just spirits. People tried to use Ouija without proper knowledge and end up being possessed. Which is why you need to think twice before engaging in this type of activity. You can also check for more info about these things.


If you want to attract spirits then these are the most effective ways. But bare in mind that communicating with any type of spirit is not a joke and it can make your life and your family’s life in danger.


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