Posted on October 24, 2019 at 11:26 pm

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The Musical Doc Releases Latest Music Video Liberating Female Narrative

The Musical Doc Releases Latest Music Video Liberating Female Narrative


Friday, October 18, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Singer/ Songwriter, The Musical Doc takes a stand for the female narrative by eluding self-love is the most imperative attribute to embrace in any relationship, via her new music video “Nobody”, releases Friday, October 25, 2019. Directed & edited by Kyle Morgan, the highlighted single is embodied with music production by Peter Madana, which praises the sultry & sensual vocals of The Musical Doc. With an abundance of space and air built into the mix, she brings a unique flare using melodious harmonies and many ear candy moments that’ll capture the listener.

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While accentuating The Musical Doc’s lyrics, the accompanying music video adds a black and white panache with intimations of red to edify passion [Styled by: Ambika Sanjana]. The Musical Doc really wants her listeners to create their own imagery vs. paying attention to colored imagery that would underline more on sexuality. “I think a lot of girls and women that come from a conservative cultural background are almost afraid to talk about and express their sexuality and the female narrative when talking about love, in any form: self or with a partner. It’s so deep-rooted – fear of rejection, fear of being shamed and judged, fear of attaching any sort of sexual connotation what so ever! This kind of train of thought is what leads to a lot of issues, such as oppression, abuse, self-doubt, negative body image, etc.

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There’s something so liberating about stepping into your full self- mind, body, soul, and spirit. Reclaiming your power, voice, prowess, and finding the balance of your yin-yang energy are all elements I strongly believe in. I wanted to depict various sides of my feminine energy: soft, loving, sweet but also fearless, seductive, boss, and confident. I knew I had to drop my comforts and break boundaries in order to actually build bridges to encourage other women to do the same.” “Nobody” conveys the powerful female narrative of “you don’t need nobody…I don’t need nobody”, which is usually depicted in a male-driven context. But in this narrative, it is from a female perspective expressing her sensuality, feelings of love, and sexual liberation/ freedom. The Musical Doc wanted to leave the interpretation of the single & music video open-ended to the audience/ listener – letting them explore their imaginations.


Dr. Varshini Muralikrishnan, commonly renowned as ‘THE MUSICAL DOC’ curates an exceptional genre of music by fueling inspiration and innovation to amplify diversity, soul and higher consciousness through her artistic philosophy. Born and bred into a family of musical connoisseurs, Varshini’s identity and upbringing were defined through Classical South Indian Carnatic music and the gospel church choir. The Musical Doc – a powerhouse talent, singer, songwriter, performer and producer who has forfeited her role as a legitimate medical doctor and genuinely strives to make an impact globally through education, awareness and artistic expression. She has achieved prestigious accomplishments as a soloist and a featured performer, utilizing the respectable platforms of Hollywood Bowl, Sydney Opera House, Walt Disney Concert Hall, The United Nations Headquarters and much more to mesmerize audiences.

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