Posted on October 14, 2019 at 11:34 pm

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“Screenplay” An Editorial Photoshoot By Well Renowned Mohsin Khawar

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“Screenplay” An Editorial Photoshoot By Well Renowned Mohsin Khawar

“Screenplay” is a creative editorial photoshoot in which film life is depicted with a particular focus on ‘behind the scenes’ to give a glimpse of how it all works. “We illustrated how actors are transformed into show persons – how they get ready, how they dress up, what the goings-on at a shoot is, how sets are created and so on”, explains photographer Mohsin Khawar.

The storyline centers on how a female actress is overshadowing and dominating her male co-star suggesting that the future is ‘female’. The shoot shows them all dressed up, ultimately getting in a car and painting the town red. The shoot also emphasizes their grooming process which leads to the ultimate ‘transformation’ of both. The hair and makeup is done by Madiha Qaiser.

His photography explores contemporary identity and the nature of representation. The photos are glamorous and are a full stash of supply of images for the media. “Screenplay” speaks the attitude of today’s woman where she is independent and free-spirited. The models in the photoshoot complement the contemporary idea.

About Mohsin Khawar
Mohsin Khawar photographer/Architect by education and a traveler by passion!

An award-winning international photographer who loves to travel, meet new people and craft visually pleasing art pieces. Currently, an entrepreneur leading and managing a team of eight as a Creative Director & Lead Photographer.

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