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#Makeup: Vasanti Cosmetics Launches Liquid VO2 For South Asian Women

Finally a brand that has product that women of color will love! Vasanti Cosmetics Launches Liquid VO2 For South Asian Women!

Vasanti Cosmetics Launches Liquid VO2 – A Revolutionary Under-eye Color Correcting Concealer for South Asian Women

Vasanti Cosmetics, the beauty brand co-founded by 4 South Asian sisters in Ontario, Canada, is re-launching their fan-favorite Liquid VO2 Orange Color Correcting Concealer, now available in the US. The orange color correcting concealer was developed 18 years ago after the sisters faced their own struggle to find a concealer that truly covered their dark circles and looked natural on their South Asian skin tone.


The beauty industry hasn’t seen anything like Liquid VO2, a color corrector + concealer that caters with perfection to middle skin tones and prevents them from appearing ashy under their makeup. It comes in one shade (orange) that works on all middle and warm skin tones, and instantly removes the appearance of dark circles. This particular shade of orange will counteract any hues of brown, purple, or blue that appear under the eye – while blending into the complexion without leaving a heavy orange residue. While the term ‘color corrector’ can be intimidating, Liquid VO2 is extremely easy to use and mimics the texture of the skin. After applying Liquid VO2 under the eyes, you can apply your foundation on top as usual, and set it with powder. The end result: a brighter, more youthful appearance. Liquid VO2 is thoughtfully crafted to be comfortable, light-weight, and extremely natural-looking. The product also comes with a host of support networks with videos on tutorials and testimonials from real voices and experiences of women. This miracle product has become a popular choice amongst the South Asian beauty community in the Toronto area and has accumulated a loyal fan base over the years. This is why Vasanti Cosmetics refers to Liquid VO2 as their best-kept secret.

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“In 1998, my curiosity and persistence to find a solution for my dark under eyes led me to start working in a lab. This gave me the opportunity to spend time and understand the details of ingredients, to be able to develop the Liquid VO2. I’m so happy and excited of how perfect it turned out, and that I have not had to adjust it in any way. From being one of the first products I developed for the brand, it still remains my go-to. I’m humbled by how many people have told me they cannot live without their Liquid VO2”

says Vasanti Co-Founder, Pinki Gosal.

Vasanti prides itself on keeping its products paraben-free, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and PETA approved. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the Vasanti Founders and sisters stuck together and started their own business, driven by a single vision: to make beauty inclusive, accessible, and inspiring. After years of research, development and meticulous attention to detail, combined with the honest feedback one can only expect from sisters, Vasanti (which means “spring” in Sanskrit) was born: a unique, considered line of cosmetics and skincare products that brighten up without weighing down.
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