Posted on September 3, 2019 at 9:09 pm

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South Africa: Creagen Naidoo releases new single “Free Falling”

Creagen Naidoo – “Free Falling”

Creagan Naidoo releases new single "Free Falling"

South African musician Creagen Naidoo releases new single called Free Falling. Musical dynamo Creagen Naidoo does it once again with his latest sensational single to hit the digital airwaves. As a dynamic trending artist fast tracking his first two dance tracks. Of which remixes are currently underway, he comes back blazing with a one hit wonder to rock the crowds.

Above all, his latest single called ‘Free Falling’ is certainly sure to ignite your music passion and rhythmic dance. Drawing from his experience and that of those around him. He has put together a poetic ensemble of emotions and feelings. Similarly, to move your psyche whilst contemporaneously enjoying the vibe to gyrate your body. His certainly well crafted skill and creative artistry in constructing this melody is sure to burn this musical creation into your mind for a long time to come.

The lyrics paints the picture of the protagonist trying hard to resist his feelings and emotions. His resistance results in the opposite effect captivating and bewitching him. It helps us transcend another level and to accept that not everything is within our conscious control.
That deep within the innermost workings of the human psyche exist unimaginable and unexplained phenomena including potential forces that crave satisfaction and desires with compelling needs.  Love is also likened to a euphoric drug or an alcoholic cocktail permeating our cells on a molecular level. Ultimately declaring us humans as unrelenting and insatiable passionate beings.

Furthermore, this track’s produced by one of South Africa’s talented young Artist. Who’s made ginormous strides in the music industry “Skatta Is dead.” He has produced  hits for several leading South African artists.

Be sure to catch this ever popular and trending star Creagen Naidoo. A household name whose music needs no introduction!

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