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Noah Land Scrutinizing Possible Reasons Behind Racism And Misogyny

Noah Land Scrutinizing Possible Reasons Behind Racism And Misogyny

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Noah Tree was carried to its film location from another place and survived 25 miles travel lasting 24 hours. The director chose a tree that was scheduled to be cut down for construction. The botanists said that the tree would be able to live a maximum of five days in its new habitat, presenting lower temperatures and a higher altitude. The tree scenes were in fact shot during those five days. Nonetheless, the tree is still alive and more surprisingly, people started to visit it just as it happens in the film, in a case of life imitating art.
“I’ve seen a tree in nature. It fell on its own before my eyes. It shocked me. For a moment, I was murmuring ‘why was it that easy for that tree to fall? It should have been more difficult.’ But I didn’t know how long the tree had been fighting. Then I started writing Noah Land.”


Ali Atay, a multihyphenate with his hand in acting, writing, directing and singing, rose to fame with his notable role as Mecnun in ground-breaking absurd comedy series Leyla ile Mecnun. He proved his singing chops touring and recording with Leyla the Band, a band he formed with his co-stars in Leyla ile Mecnun. Mr. Atay continued his successful TV career with Masum, the first Turkish web series, in which he costarred with Haluk Bilginer. He co-wrote and directed films Limonata, Ölümlü Dünya and upcoming Cinayet Süsü. Besides his burgeoning filmmaking career, Mr. Atay continued his successful acting career with starring roles in Turkish blockbusters Ayla and Türk Isi Dondurma.

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Haluk Bilginer is one of the most prominent actors of his generation and a star of Turkish cinema and television. The classically trained actor studied at the Turkish State Conservatoire before attending the prestigious The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Mr. Bilginer’s decades-long career spans a wide range of memorable roles from theatre to television, Turkish cinema to international blockbusters. He started his professional career in English stage and screen roles (Eastenders and more recently Spooks among others) before moving back to Turkey. He is internationally renowned for his roles in films including Buffalo Soldiers, The International, and more recently Halloween. In his homeland Turkey, he starred in many films and TV shows, earning accolades and celebrity status. His leading role at the Palme d’Or winner Winter Sleep earned him the best actor award in Palm Spring International Film Festival. Besides his career as a respected film and television actor, Mr. Bilginer continues to run his own theatre company and gives life to characters from playwrights ranging from Shakespeare to Pinter for Turkish audiences.

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Hande Dogandemir is one of the most recognized actresses for Turkish television audiences. She rose to prominence with her starring role in TV teen drama Günesi Beklerken. She subsequently followed them with starring roles in a string of successful miniseries including Racon and Can Kırıkları. In between her television career, Ms. Dogandemir took prominent roles in films Bana Masal Anlatma and Kaybedenler Klubü Yolda. She most recently starred in Yüzlesme, continuing her string of television projects captivating audiences.

Mehmet Özgür is a respected actor and theater director. His theater career started in his teenage years in Ankara and later moved to Antalya City Theater, where he became the artistic director. He eventually branched out to roles in front of the camera. He carried his intense acting talent and theatrical success over to very successful television shows such as Suskunlar and Muhtesem Yüzyıl. His role in the film Tepenin Ardı, winner of Caligari Film Prize from the Berlin International Film Festival, earned him awards as best supporting actor in film festivals in Turkey and around the world. He continues to showcase his acting talent in a wide range of genres on screens big and small.


Arın Kusaksızoglu is a Turkish actor, voice actor, writer and musician. This multitalented artist is making a name for himself in scene-stealing roles in films Daire, Kaygı and Lady Winsley. He started his career by lending his voice to many commercials and documentaries before moving in front of the camera. He is also the lead singer for indie rock band Kül. Arın is building his artistic career with a scholarly gravitas as he is earning his PhD in Communication on top of his degrees in Philosophy and Cultural Studies.
Cenk Ertürk, Writer & Director

Ertürk Brothers, Cenk, Sevki Tuna and Alp, have produced the film through their banner Us Film based in Istanbul, Turkey. This is the first feature film for all three brothers but they have collaborated on Cenk’s previous short films as well. All three brothers studied Economics before they ended up in filmmaking as a career. Father Ertürk, although not a trained actor, has acted in four of his son’s short films and he has a short cameo in Noah Land. This is a family affair for Ertürk’s.
Federico Cesca is the director of photography for Noah Land. Cesca and Ertürk are fellow NYU graduates, who knew each other from their time at Tisch School. Cesca is the cinematographer of Yomeddine (Cannes), Dead Pigs (Sundance) and several other internationally acclaimed feature films such as Roxanne Roxanne, Patti Cakes, and Cronies. He most recently shot Netflix’s upcoming Tales of the City.
Yorgos Mavropsaridis edited Noah Land with a sure hand. He is the editor of acclaimed films The Lobster and The Killing of a Sacred Deer among many others. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Film Editing for his work on The Favourite.

Due to a public fund from Germany, the team was limited to hire musicians from local talent. German co-producer presented Cenk with many names. Among several and prominent names of well-known artists, Cenk decided to work with Leon Gurvitch, an award winning internationally renowned German musician. Although Leon never really composed for film before, after listening to his releases, Cenk believed that he could communicate and bond with him better than any other musician.
On the other hand, Eléonore Fourniau is a French musician who was selected to sing two Turkish folk songs in the film.

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