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Namit Khanna – ‘Sanijvani was a project I couldn’t say no to!’

In Conversation with Namit Khanna

When one mentions Namit Khanna, we immediately think of the word versatile. From Twisted to Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai and now Sanjivani the actor surely brings his A-game to every role he plays. Whilst discussing his journey Namit reveals how he wished to become an actor, “After my successful modelling career for almost a decade I decided to gracefully retire and began working on my acting skills. I knew that the only way things were going to happen was by going to the basics and starting from scratch. So, I joined a clowning group and did plays for underprivileged kids. Then I did a method acting course at Jeff Goldberg studio for a year after which I did a play called Six at the studio and I also continued to audition on the side.” Intrigued by his theatre experience, we questioned him whether that had bettered him in his craft, to which Namit responded “Being on stage made me realise the importance of truly being in the moment and letting the magic happen. I’m truly grateful for these experiences and hope to be able to do more theatre in the future.”

For those that are unaware, in one interview Namit mentioned that he has been working in the industry for 12 years. So, we wanted to know whether these experiences helped in crafting his performances. The actor agrees that whatever he brings to any role is an “accumulation” of all his experiences, “from my modelling days, travels, photography etc. everything I do is somewhere derived and shaped from my experiences. That’s my inner life which is very unique and hopefully, the audience can see that in my work.”

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Namit’s career choices thus far have been unique. From being the lead in Twisted to doing a finite serial and now a potentially indefinite serial, most actors go the other way. We asked him what influenced him in making these decisions? Namit responded, “I reached a point where I knew I needed to be seen to get the ball rolling. Twisted was that first break where the audience saw me for the first time. Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai was my chance to reach a wider audience and being a finite show, I decided to take a plunge into the world of television. When Sanjivani happened, I knew exactly what working on TV would entail but then it was a project I couldn’t say no to. It was an offer I couldn’t resist at that point in my career and I am a strong believer where making the right project choices determines your career graph in the long run! I’m happy about my choices so far.”

Asking him what aspect of a daily serial he prefers over a web show and vice versa, Namit responds “Digital content is a big thing right now. Doing a good web series for a big brand can be very satisfactory for any actor but at the same time the reach might not be as much as that of a TV show.” Although the flexibility is greater in doing a web-series he adds that “On TV we have serials that run for a longer duration giving us actors an opportunity to work harder on our character and make a deeper connection with the audience. We also have the chance to better ourselves daily and improve on things that need improvement. Lastly, there is a gamble in doing a web series or a film and even TV but I feel the gamble on TV has a thicker cushioning.”

The TV landscape is truly evolving. With channels and production houses investing in new concepts, we asked Namit if there is a particular genre that he wished the television industry would explore. Namit responded, “Maybe a show that allows me to travel the world and shoot at places that are not very touristy. This could be fictional or reality-based show.” Well, that sure sounds like a great concept! Channels are you listening?

Well besides the TV front, recently, there was news of the actor being offered a film. Namit confirmed it was not true, “No I haven’t been offered a film recently as my priority and focus lies on Sanjivani for now. However, once I’m done with the show my focus will shift to bigger better things.”

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Since Namit is “extremely passionate about photography” we questioned whether he considered expanding his repertoire and look into directing or producing. To which he replied, “I’m not sure about directing as of now but producing or working behind the camera might be a possibility for me in the future. I have a keen interest in videography.”

Besides work, Namit’s Instagram contains aesthetic photography! We asked him which shot was the most difficult to take? Namit believes that “every shot has a story behind it” he adds “When I travel to different countries I do my research before going and once I’m there it’s all about chasing the sun and finding the perfect location for the golden hours. It’s a total thrill and something that I thrive on. I have climbed mountains, trees, run for kilometres, sometimes gone to places where civilians aren’t allowed, walked for hours all in search of the perfect shot. But if I have to choose one shot then I would say the shot from the top of Reinebringen, in Lofoten Islands. It took me 2 hours to climb that peak in the middle of the night.

Given his keen interest in photography, we questioned if he has considered publishing a photobook that compiles his travelling adventures. Namit responded, “Yes, I have been working on a coffee table book for a while. It’s a personal project and is a matter of time now. I have met a few photographers who will be working with me to help me curate and compile my book and I also plan to have a photography exhibition so I can share my work with the world.”

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Finally, Namit decided to give a quick message for all his fans, “I am and will always be grateful for your support and love. It is very encouraging to read messages from fans from around the world as it motivates me to work harder.” He adds, “It can be a tough world sometimes but all it takes is hard work and persistence. Just never give up, move ahead and be who you truly are. Good things are bound to happen!”

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