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Meet Founders of Vasanti Make up: Vasanti Sisters

Vasanti Sisters sit down with us about the new product!

Behind Vasanti are the faces that have one mission: to make beauty feel good.

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Vasanti Sisters Have One Mission: To Make Beauty Feel Good. The story of girls who always wondered why makeup doesn’t look good on them? For them and many others, products that would enhance their natural beauty while feeling comfortable and weightless on our skin just didn’t exist. But there is answer to every problem. Vasanti – a hint of spring like a fresh dewdrop was invented for all the skin tones and types.

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Vasanti sister says,

“We founded Vasanti Cosmetics in 1998 as a result of not being able to find beauty products that worked on our skin tones. There was a lack of choice, and visiting makeup counters became intimidating. This motivated us to give beauty a happier meaning, and we have not looked back since. Vasanti Cosmetics believes in joyful beauty, the kind that makes you smile because it truly works and allows you to look like you and feel like you.”

Let’s talk more with these amazing women behind Vasanti in an interview.

Tell us about Vasanti. What is “Vasanti” Where did the name come from?

Vasanti means “spring” in Sanskrit. The name captures the fresh, light, and rejuvenating feel that springtime brings. We wanted to create products that fit this description and had the same qualities.

We founded this company in 1998 and were always inspired by one mission: to make beauty feel good. From day one, we were determined to create products that helped women look and feel like the best version of themselves.

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I personally love Vasanti. The concealer completely blends in my skin. Are there products for different skin types?
Absolutely! Our brand is focused on the diverse needs of all women. We like to pride ourselves on being an inclusive line versus exclusive, as we have created products that work for all skin tones from porcelain to deep and for all skin types. A common misconception is that Vasanti is made for South Asians since we are South Asian Canadian founders.

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How often makeup should be replaced?
Every makeup product has a different shelf life. Typically, you are looking at a range from 3 months after opening to 48 months closed. In general, if your product contains water (ie. Mascara, skincare) then it would have a shorter shelf life as opposed to a product without water (ie. Eyeshadow, blush). Our formulas contain safe proven preservative systems that ensure a good shelf life for our products. All our products are paraben-free.

What products are your personal favorite?
We have a lot of favorites!

Pinki: It is hands down the Liquid VO2 Orange Colour Correcting concealer. This product is one of the reasons we started the brand (to find a promising dark circle solution), and the formula has not changed in the last 19 years. I also love the Face Base Powder Foundation, it makes my skin look smooth, soft, and bright. A more recent favorite is the Brighten Up! Glow Boosting Serum, I can’t live without it because it starts my glow in the morning and looks perfect under makeup.

Monal and Gargi: We cannot live without the Brighten Up! Exfoliator. It’s a must-have skin care product that we swear by. It’s gentle yet effective to breakdown and removes all the dead skin from the face. Leaving the skin bright and refreshed and glowing in just one use. It combats all our worst skin concerns and gives us a complete facial experience at home. We are so amazed at all the reviews this product has got over the years with over 200,000 reviews on-line with a 4.5 Star rating
We are also proud of developing the super anti-ager: Age Is Only A Number Elixir. It’s a super high-performance Elixir that helps reverse the signs of aging. It’s infused with some of the best peptides and anti-aging ingredients.

Introduce us with a team of Vasanti
We have a small but powerful team with incredible talent and skills. We are excited to say our team is now 16 individuals at the Vasanti HQ in Toronto and an additional 10 makeup artists that provide artistry support to our retail locations across Canada.

Where are the products manufactured?

Canada, Germany, and Japan. We strongly believe in high-quality formulations and ingredients, and will not compromise that for cost savings. Our manufacturing and development processes are held to high quality and high value.

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What is beauty?
For us, beauty has truly always been about looking and feeling like the best version of ourselves (that is why our tagline is ‘Look Like You, Feel Like You’). We believe everyone has an individual and unique beauty, and have always wanted to help them achieve that feeling of being beautiful in their own skin.

How is Vasanti different than the rest of the make-up products out there?
<strong>Vasanti is and always has been focused on a problem-solution approach with beauty. We started this company to develop beauty solutions to some problems we were facing ourselves (such as dark under eye circles, looking ashy, combatting dull skin, etc.). As much as we love beauty trends, we stick true to developing high-performance products that actually work no matter what. We will not compromise this for anything else. This is why we have had such loyal customers for the past 21 years!

What is one product you can’t live without with from your line?

Definitely the Liquid VO2 Colour Correcting Concealer!

The four of you started VC where did the brainstorming come into place and what made you choose the make-up industry?
It actually all started from an interesting story:
After university, Pinki moved to Chicago and landed a job at a high-end makeup studio. It was her second day on the job and she got to meet the owner (an ex-model). The owner walked in, took one look at Pinki, and said “Who’s this? Get some concealer on her!”. Makeup artists then rushed over to Pinki and attempted to cover her dark circles (which she didn’t even realize she had), but everything looked ashy and much worse.

Pinki shared this experience with the sisters, and we became more conscious about the fact that makeup didn’t always look good on our skin. These conversations and frustrations motivated us to create Vasanti, and help many women like ourselves discover comfortable and wearable makeup products.

So many projects get tested on animals which really hurts many of us. Why do you think brands should stay away from animal testing?
Vasanti is proudly 100% cruelty-free, and have never tested on animals. We think brands should stay away from animal testing because it is an inhumane approach to developing a product. We have plenty of resources and technologies available to us that are ethical, safe, and not harmful that should be used throughout the entire industry.

Indian Women are known to have dark circles and we are always looking for the right coverage – VO2 seems to do that – tells us more about this product!
Correct! Liquid VO2 is an orange color correcting concealer. It completely hides the appearance of dark circles, by using orange to counteract any dark shadows. However, it isn’t like many other orange color correctors on the market. It won’t leave a harsh orange residue under the eye and instead will completely brighten the eyes. We have truly perfected this formula 19 years ago, and haven’t had to change it since.
It’s light-weight, looks natural, and prevents your dark circles from showing through your makeup and looking ashy. If you apply it on your dark circles and blend it out, you won’t need to apply a concealer on top and can skip straight to foundation. It’s a best-seller in the South Asian community and has helped many women erase their dark circles!

Why use Vasanti products?

They are simple and easy to use. They work and do what they say they are going to do and they are inclusive of all skin tones and skin types. We are also cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, PETA approved, paraben-free and are super lightweight so you can look like you and feel like you.

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