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Matrimonial Bed Ceremony: The Most Wedding Tradition from the Far East

Weddings are a joyous occasion for the whole family. Of course, it is the luckiest day for the grooms as they are embarking on a new life trip with the chosen partner, hopefully, for life. The majority of weddings nowadays are becoming to look like each other due to the fact that the world has become one huge, a globalized village where influences from Hollywood certainly take their place in the organization and execution. However, there are still some traditions that the couples decide to include in their wedding as they are part of their culture and existence as humans on this planet.
One such tradition, very important for the Asian, especially the Chinese people is that Matrimonial Bed Ceremony. While in other parts of the world this would be simple arranging of a bed where the newlyweds are to spend their first wedding night together, in China it is much more than that. Here is everything you need to know about this tradition and how the real Asian brides prepare for it.

What is Exactly Matrimonial Bed Ceremony?

Also known as An Chuang, the Matrimonial Bed Ceremony is set and decorated for the bride and their groom to spend their first wedding night together. It is a ritual which is believed to be future-shaping and is a symbol of harmonious marriage and the wish for many children. It happens three days to one week before the actual wedding, or in some cases it can be done on the morning of the wedding day. It can be in the bride’s home, groom’s home or their mutual home.


Who Is a Part of the Tradition?

The woman who is to set the matrimonial bed should be a woman of good fortune, which means that she needs to have a living husband and preferably many children. In this role, the mother of the grooms can fit in provided that she fulfils the conditions and it would be even better if she is to conduct the ceremony because this would mean that she is passing the family’s good luck and fertility to the newlyweds. Another instance is when a Chinese Wedding master hosts the hold ceremony.

Step by Step Process of the Tradition

First of all, the woman moves the bed into the room. A Feng Shui master must be consulted about where exactly the bed should be placed. Then, the woman of good fortune covers the bed with new linen and red or pink color that ha either a phoenix or dragons on it or perhaps floral embroidery. Next in line is placing the lucky items on the bed which include gifts and other items from the ceremony in the church. It shouldn’t be forgotten to put two red packets with 9 items to be placed onto the pillows.

What happens next is tilting the bed slightly so it comes to an angle. The bed must remain in this position until after the wedding. Finally, children, usually boys should jump and roll on the bad as it symbolizes blessings of happiness and fertility.


The matrimonial bed should be used every night at least the first four months, otherwise, it would mean death for either one of the couple. If the newlyweds go on a honeymoon after the wedding, the bed is to be kept with some of the parents sleeping in, or covered with clothes from the grooms to make up for their absence.

Also, it is strongly frowned upon is to lie or sit on the bed before the wedding ceremony as it is believed to bring poor health. Also if some of the guests on the wedding has recently lost a family member, they can’t enter the room during the first month of the marriage otherwise they will bring extreme misfortune to the new couple.


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