Posted on September 16, 2019 at 1:19 am

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Learning the Methods in Consuming and Infusing CBD in Foods and Drinks

Cannabis-based products have been coursing through several industries especially in the area of medicine. Through time, cannabis has also entered the food and drink industry. The extract has been experimented and hidden in foods and drinks. This method was used when it is still illegal in a country. Individuals have been finding ways to get a hold of marijuana and infusing it in food is one intelligent idea. Drinks are also useful for this kind of pursuit since the extract can just be poured in the beverage. 

The idea has been certainly helpful in countries that have legalized medical marijuana. As what most of us know, marijuana can be used as a treatment for medical issues. Marijuana has been definitely beneficial to people who have been experiencing chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy, depression, and other brain or mental difficulties. 

Marijuana has a compound called cannabinoids. Fortunately, this chemical can help in treating chronic pain and slow down the developing cancer cell in a person’s body. Also, with the help of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound that can be found in cannabis, it can stimulate the patient’s appetite. If the person experiencing one of these health difficulties cannot take CBD directly then they can resort to the food and drink method. 

The Advantages of Extracting Cannabis to Food and Drinks

Back in the days when marijuana has been strongly prohibited, it is extracted in foods and drinks. In parties where people needed a little or more escape, they serve food with marijuana. Brownies is probably the most known food to be extracted with cannabis. Instead of the usual ingredient used for making brownies, cannabis is the main component.

Nowadays, with how the world is now being informed of marijuana’s medical benefits it is slowly being legalized through each country. We are being informed on how it can be used for medicinal purposes and not just for recreational activities. As time goes by, various methods of taking marijuana have been known. That is why according to a study, the effect of cannabis on one person lasts longer when it is ingested than inhaled.




Correspondingly, ingesting cannabis in foods and drinks can allow people to consume it in public. This avoids people around you to be uncomfortable in taking a CBD product. Also, consuming marijuana through food creates a smoke-free environment. Furthermore, it lessens the exposure to harmful chemicals such as carbon, tar, and carcinogens when weed is being smoked. 

Methods of Consuming CBD Edibles

If you are not a smoker, consuming CBD edibles is just the right method for you.  There are various ways on how you can consume CBD edibles. This way you can track your dosage, especially when you are consuming it for medicinal purposes. Including marijuana in your diet should be properly tracked to avoid overdose. 

Cannabis is usually being vaporized when being consumed. However, other ways have been discovered such as tinctures, pills, edibles, gastrointestinal uptake, oral uptake, and hybrid. Each method has a different dosage, longevity, and effectiveness. Consumers can pick which of these methods fits the level of cannabinoids their body can take.

A tincture is a method where cannabis is extracted into liquid. For food consumption, you can just add a drop on your drink or into your diet. Also, you can take this directly if you want. If you have a problem with appetite loss then gastrointestinal intake method fits your situation. This is absorbed through your stomach.  You can add marijuana as the main ingredient to your meal. However, it takes up to two hours before it can affect your body. Fortunately, the longer it affects your body the longer its effectiveness. 

Oral uptake is quite similar to tincture, but it can also be a sucker and lozenges. However, it’s effectiveness can only last for two to three hours. In addition, CBD edibles can be taken both orally and intestinal absorption. Also, this method can give fast results and lasts for four hours.

No matter how you consume cannabis-based foods and drinks you still need to track your intake.  Also, a guide from a medical professional is most certainly needed. If you want to know more about CBD products, you can visit American Marijuana.


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