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Karan V Grover – Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is the only show which is portraying the TV Industry!

You have been in the television industry for over 15 years, what has been your most favourite character to play to date? 

KVG – “Frankly I’m not a person of any favourites, I have no favourite colour, food or hobby. I thoroughly enjoy what I do in the present as it tends to consume all my energy and for that period of time it becomes my favourite. So, for now I will say my fav is Dr Rohit Sippy.”


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is your comeback on TV after 2 years, what made you choose the character of Dr. Rohit Sippy? 

KVG – “Well yes I am back on a daily show almost after 2.5 years. What attracts me to a role or a show is always the makers conviction and, in this case, Sandiip Sikcand’s belief, confidence and conviction in a show like Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum and more importantly in an unconventional character like Rohit Sippy. Rohit is all shades of emotions but in extreme doses. Firstly, he is a top-notch heart surgeon with lots of wit and sarcasm. Add to that he is crazily romantic and passionate and highly guarded and protective of his family. Moreover, he has a temper, so I really get to create and play ‘the 50 shades of Rohit Sippy’.”


Were there any preparations that you had to undergo to get into the skin of Dr. Rohit Sippy?

KVG – “For a surgeon, the language and your ease with medical terminology needs to be on point, hence we engage with real doctors before shooting any medically relevant scene and this aspect for me is not a one-time preparation but a constant one. Additionally, I wanted Rohit Sippy to be lovable and someone who is difficult to handle and that is where Sandiip Sikcand’s writing and guidance is most helpful.”


What makes Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum different from other serials you’ve been a part of and do you think production houses should invest in stories that revolve around real issues? 

KVG – “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is the only show which is portraying the TV Industry the way it is. The challenges, the presumptions, the hard work as well as the chaos and shortcomings are most aptly shown to the audience. Our female lead Sonakshi Rastogi played by Dipika Kakar Ibrahim talks to the audience directly breaking the fourth wall which has not been done before. So, in these ways it is totally different. Also, we have a love story between a heart surgeon, someone who has grown up on logic and reasoning vs someone who believes in magic of a fictional world, an actor from the glamour field. Two total opposites! That’s what makes it fresh and fun.” He adds, “For the second part of your question – Well investing in real life issues is always a challenge for every production house and network as you have to do justice to the actual scenario/character. That said its always interesting and more engaging if something portrayed on screen has relevance to real life characters and incidents. So yes they must make more shows surrounding real life issues.”


What has been your most memorable scene to shoot in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum? 

KVG – “I shot a scene for the Maha Episode where Sonakshi catches Rohit dancing naked. That one was crazy!”

What are your dynamics like with your co-stars?

KVG – “The team has a mixed bunch of talented and fun individuals. Dipika’s zeal and involvement is highly encouraging, she makes me up my game with every passing episode. That said, each and everyone wants to bring forward their “A game” and contributes in all possible ways that Sandiip Sikcand conceives. It’s a team of enthusiastic energetic and earnest actors. I feel blessed to have them around me. It truly makes my work and my life feel abundant and rewarding.”


How do you feel about actors not being credited through credit rolls like in the past? Do you feel Channels should re-introduce credit rolls? 

KVG – “Honestly, YES. It would be nice. Actors only work for credit and appreciation.”


Where do you think the TV industry is heading and what are the biggest hurdles facing television in terms of evolution? 

KVG – “TV is and will be our primary source of entertainment and information for as long as we can create engaging content, in fact even our internet viewership is dominated by TV content as of now. That said time has been TVs biggest hurdle always. It has everything else needed to break barriers but time. Though we have mastered to organise the chaos, I think this topsy-turviness is what works in our favour. Therefore, I feel TV is actually going stronger than ever and I don’t see us budging for at least a few decades.”


Finally, any messages for your fans? 

KVG – “Always flattering to see the viewers like your work. It makes me want do more to keep them entertained and I promise I will not stop pushing myself. Keep watching!”

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