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Interview With Poet Comedian Entrepreneur Arpan Khosla

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Interview With Poet Comedian Entrepreneur Arpan Khosla

Arpan Khosla is a professional Hindi POMEDIAN ( Poet + Comedian ) who completed his engineering from NSIT, Delhi. He has been a writer for 11 years & always had this pain point that there was no digital resource that could help him find rhymes of words in Indian languages. Also, he saw a lot of fellow writers struggling with the same problem, facing continuous writer’s block & were not able to do anything about it. He wanted to help the artist community solve this problem. So, he left his MNC job to create a unique tech product for Indian creative writers. It’s called “Rhymly”.

Tell us about the app.

Rhymly is India’s 1st Hindi Rhyming App that democratizes creative writing. We have a database of 100000 words. We help:

Poets, copywriters, songwriters & rappers find 50+ rhymes for every word they search for
Give them English translations & Hindi transliteration of words
Creators create better quality written pieces, enhance their creativity through community-generated thoughts & ideas.
Writers get featured, share ideas, original content with others on the app thus, making Rhymly an upcoming social network.

How did you come up with the idea?
I have been a performing poet & comedian for the last 12 years & have always wondered,

“Why is writing always so time-consuming?”
“ Does it always have to be a lonely act or can writers take some digital help?”
“Shouldn’t creativity matter more than vocabulary?”
“& most importantly, if the media and content industry is seeing a massive tilt towards the vernacular, can’t there be a rhyming platform just for Indian languages serving the creativity needs of our own writing community?”

Well, I didn’t want to have a big writer’s block on this idea so, in December 2017, me, Vishal & Aakansha started working on a platform that would empower everyone to be at least a rhymer if not a writer by encouraging users to share their passion and creative expression through short poems, Shayari, quotes, couplets, jingles & songs. Consequently, in March 2018 Rhymly was born.

Tell us about yourself…

Arpan Khosla is a “POMEDIAN ( Poet + Comedian )”, Engineer & The CEO of a one-stop content tech startup called Rhymly. He has been writing for 10 years & left his job in 2017 to pursue Poetry & Entrepreneurship. He has performed more than 400+ live shows. He wrote on 5 deadly diseases of human life: Cigarette, Alcohol, Engineering, Unemployment & One-sided love.

When did you realize you were actually a comedian?

Since school, I loved being the funny guy in my group. Then I started writing poetry & became very philosophical. Then over time, I realized that I can club both of them & become somewhat of a POMEDIAN ( Poet + Comedian). I started writing hasya kavitas, comical ghazals & funny street play scripts. I felt it added a different dimension to my poetry & it became an instant hit with my friends & the general public. I feel winning Canvas Laugh Club after that really helped the world around me know that a blended art form like this can exist & flourish.

Why did you decide to change your career?

I always wanted to go full-fledged into
0,, writing. I wanted to be a problem solver for the writers community. I had a vision where Indian writers should get more respect & money. So, I left my job in 2017 & started up.

How do you think this app helpful?
I believe Rhymly helps a writer save a lot of time & effort as rhymes, meanings, transliterations are available on a single platform. Also, we help them break their writer’s block & write better quality content.

Walk us through the process of launching the app…
We started with the website which was a tool to find rhymes of Hindi words. Soon, we developed the android app where people could collaborate with strangers, write short content & get Featured on the platform. Media coverage really helped us. We have seen over 50000 users on our app & website combined. Over 73000 original content pieces have been written by our creators. We have been featured by over 20+ platforms including Hindustan Times, The Tech Panda, Scoopearth, Startups India, Radio City, etc.

What is your next project?
In Rhymly, we are looking to go vernacular & incorporate more Indian Languages. Also, soon writers will be able to earn from our platform. Apart from that, I have always wanted to write a book. So yeah, someday!

Where do you see yourself in the coming few years?
A Viral POMEDIAN & a successful entrepreneur.

Some words for your fans…
Buy tickets to my shows. & keep believing in me as that helps to bring out my best content.

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