Posted on July 8, 2019 at 2:09 pm

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Rutu Neeva Drops Fall 2019 Collection – A Feminine Aesthetic

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Rutu Neeva and The Fall 2019 Collection

Rutu Neeva and The Fall 2019 Collection

Rutu Neeva reveals her new fall line collection for 2019. A brand aimed at creating designs that strike a perfect balance between luxury and understated glamour. Neeva took inspiration from the different facets of a woman -her strength, gentleness and elegance.

A woman who is not afraid to express herself and stand out in the crowd while staying graciously unique at the same time. Rutu Neeva‘s new Fall ’19 collection encapsulates this persona. It certainly reflects someone who is comfortable in their own skin.

The unique combination of clear-cut shapes along with flowy drapes creates a vocabulary of clothing for the statement-making woman. This seamlessly synergises the structured and feminine aspects of the brand aesthetic.

On the new collection, the designers say,

“The line comes to life through the subtle elements of today’s fashion, however, through a new compelling perspective. The idea behind this collection was to exemplify that a woman can be both bold and graceful at the same time. Her power and optimism balanced with finesse and elegance as this is what the modern woman of today is all about.”

Above all, the enigmatic aura of a woman who can present herself to be striking yet collected is the quintessential depiction for this collection. A juxtaposition of style where the sharp and smooth elements come together to create an outstanding sartorial combination.

The silhouettes exude gentle power and portray how something delicate can be strong. Ranging from pertly tailored wide-legged pants, ruffled detailed shirts, fitted pencil dresses, metallic tints, cargo pockets. Also to power sleeves in shades of bubblegum, lime, and ultraviolet along with deep muted hues. As a result, the designs are a representation of contrast in a certainly dynamic woman.

The Fall 2019 collection elevates the sensual and electric. It also builds alluring confidence. One that certainly liberates the conservative and illuminates the dreamer. It empowers those who choose to embrace all sides to them and be effortlessly noteworthy.

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