Posted on June 5, 2019 at 1:45 am

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Vidyut Jammwal shares his take on fitness after receiving the ‘Fittest Man of the Year’ Award

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Vidyut Jammwal who is known for doing some daredevil stunts and his perfectly fit and toned body has been awarded the ‘Fittest Man Of The Year’ award at URBANE AWARDS 2019.

When it comes to fitness, Vidyut is a role model for many fitness enthusiasts. The actor believes in managing the balance between mind and body and always challenges himself to do something better and different in his fitness routines.

Vidyut’s social media will give you a clear glimpse of how he trains differently and uses different ways to develop new skills. He always pushes himself to different highs as it’s his way of showing his fans the love he has for them.
Vidyut shares, “For me, wellness is a life choice I made as a child even when I wasn’t aware what it meant entirely. After winning awards like the Fittest Man of The Year,  I still feel I know nothing about fitness.”

When asked what his fitness mantra is he shares,“Get Started and Keep Going till you achieve what u had set out to do..Whether it means sitting or standing in the right posture or keeping my mind and body in sync through breathing, it’s all part of my regime.”

Vidyut is also one of the top 6 global martial artists across the globe and is also fondly called ‘New Age Super Hero’.
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