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Indulgent Gifts for a Friend with a Whimsical Taste

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Indulgent Gifts for a Friend with a Whimsical Taste

Buying a gift for the weirdest weirdo is never easy. Picking up something that matches their wacky, silly, yet charming personality is a task in itself. Why? You can’t pick the normal gifting items to make their eyes glow. It must be something unique, something that has a whimsical touch and adds to their quirky self.


Here are some quirky gifts under 3000 rupees that will bring a smile on your quirk loving buddy’s face while adding to their collection. From something for their home to things of personal use, we have covered everything.

Madagascar Salt and Pepper Shaker

Let’s start with something that will add to their table setting. A pair of salt and pepper shaker for all the winter picnics and summer get-togethers – we bet you can’t find anything better than this. Madagascar Salt and Pepper Shaker will serve as the perfect gift for someone who likes having a hint of quirk in all things they own. Lifestyle brands like Nicobar have a wide range of gifts under 3000 rupees that will match well with your friend’s whimsical taste.



Madagascar Salt and Pepper Shaker from Nicobar

Old Vintage Table Fan

Anything that adds to the setting and décor of the home will serve as the perfect gift. Look for table fans finished in metal or brass to add to the quirk factor of your friend’s home. These table fans are mostly for decoration, but some of them also function through the usual AA batteries. So, if you are looking for whimsical gifts under 3000 rupees, this one is surely letting you bag the ‘BEST FRIEND EVER’ title.


A Bottle Opener

A bottle opener might sound plain boring to you. But what if we tell you that there are openers that are far from anything boring? Well, yes! We are talking about bottle openers that look just as good when not in use. Skip those plastic ones and gift your friend one that comes in brass finish and has a quirky design serving as the hand of the opener.



Anasi Bottle Opener from Nicobar

Bring Back the Stereo Times

A retro music system will add sparkle to your friend’s eyes and ears. If it’s one of those that has the old school cassette playing technology, score a few cassettes to add to the gift. This retro music system will become your friend’s perfect companion on road trips and laidback evening tea sessions. Many models come with built-in radio, so make sure to choose one that offers ample music opportunities to your friend.


Jewellery Stand

Early morning, it’s nothing but a task to dig into that jewelry box to pick a chain or necklace that goes well with the outfit. A jewelry stand makes life perfectly easier – because beautiful jewelry deserves a beautiful home. The stems of the jewelry stand will help keep delicate chains away from getting tangled. Your friend won’t be able to thank you enough for this thoughtful yet quirky gift.


Nuwara Eliya Jewellery Stand

Mismatched Socks

Chances are that your friend goes to work all decked up in formals – which is a contrast to their personality. Serve your friend’s quirk thirst by gifting a few pairs of mismatched socks. Even when dressed formal, the pair of mismatched socks will satiate your friend’s hunger for quirk. While hiding inside the trousers and not being explicitly visible to the world, these socks will certainly become one of their favorites.


Unwrapping gifts is one of the most amazing feelings to experience. The element of surprise that gift-wrapping brings is hard to describe. So, no matter which of these options you choose, be sure of wrapping the gift to perfection. The glow in your friend’s eyes when they see a quirky gift coming out of the box will be worth all the effort. Choose the one that matches well with your friend’s taste and personality. Go, buy some of the these already!




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