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Gaurav Dwivedi Ditches Engineering To Follow His Dream As An Actor

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Gaurav Dwivedi Ditches Engineering To Follow His Dream As An Actor

How many of us dare to quit our daytime jobs to follow our dreams? How many of us are risk takers? A daytime job is what every individual might aspire to given the security and comfort of a consistent monthly pay cheque. Would you drop your career to follow your dreams? Meet Gaurav who dare to ditch his daytime job to follow his dreams……

Life was a regular affair until Gaurav Dwivedi packed in an Engineering Degree into his academic life. He decided to pursue his Masters in Australia but realized soon enough that his interests lay elsewhere.

He returned to Delhi and became an RJ for Red FM, also hosting programmes for the All India Radio. If that wasn’t enough exploration to cope with he cleared Ftii, Pune and changing the course of his life set on to become an actor. In Ftii, Ketan Mehta spotted his grit in a play, where he had the opportunity to brew a range of emotions and cast him as Raja Ravi Varma’s younger brother in Rang Rasiya. The journey continued with Inkaar, Gora, Manjhi The Mountain Man, Still Voices and Yari Road bringing in acclaim both in the Industry and Festivals across the world. Commercials have favored him as the quintessential evolving Indian husband to a sensitive father. Gaurav Dwivedi is still as eager as before awaiting the release of Manjhi and Toba Tek Singh consecutively. Ask him to define his journey as an actor he owes it to his kid like excitement and an urge to express himself. He likes reading, writing and following various Sports Tournaments across the Globe.

You have worked in various projects and your work in the web series “Criminal Justice” is quite incredible. But the first question I would want to ask you is….. Why take such a big risk and leave your engineering career to be an actor?
I think deep down I was always inclined towards acting but when life works on autopilot sometimes we lose track of what we really want to do. After Engineering I was in fact in Melbourne for my Post Graduation. That day was like any other day. I woke up and did the exact same things. I was on my way back from the University on the subway when I had the same epiphany a lot of us must have had, especially engineers. What am I doing with my life? What do I want?

When did you make this decision and how did the people around you react to this?

I actually have to give credit to my parents for being very easy going people. So when I hear of people struggling to pick their choice of career wary of their parents’ intervention I can barely relate. My family was and has always been supportive. There were times when I would feel demotivated, which is like a lot of times for an actor. I’ve seen my father egg me on to try my best and that reinforces my belief in myself.

How was life in the beginning when you switched career?

I did a lot of theatre in Delhi aside from being a radio jockey for some of the topmost channels. After that, I went to the Film and Television Institute of India to formally train to be an actor. So I’d say I had a great mix of opportunities to kick-start the process. Before I passed out of FTII, Filmmaker Ketan Mehta picked me up for Rang Rasiya. I was quite happy with how things were panning out. Lucky for me I had a great set of friends who were as supportive as my family.

What is the most difficult challenge you have encountered as an artist?
A working actor is a happy actor. So what’s an unhappy actor like? Someone who doesn’t have work. Every actor has to go through phases of no work. That can be difficult to tackle. But with years of practice, one can learn to deal with it. There are definitely other challenges but this is primary and with this, in place, other challenges seem less challenging. And I speak for myself.

What would you change if you get a chance to go back in time?

I think it is a process. So even though I could do so many things differently, I am happy and grateful for the way things have been.

Tell us about your experience in “Criminal Justice”

Well, my character Gautam Parashar was an alcoholic, and a wife beater so portraying that was disturbing to say the least. It was like catharsis in action. For the first time, I think I challenged myself as an actor to go all out. That made me vulnerable and brought potency to my performance.

What is the ultimate dream you are chasing?
I really want to be the best version of myself. About chasing, I truly believe that what you seek is anyway seeking you.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
I see myself dabbling with all kinds of characters; working with the greatest of filmmakers and talent.

What type of roles interest you as an actor?
That apart I love thrillers, comedy, a mix of both. I really am a fan good writing. If it is written well, the genre ceases to matter.

Some words for your fans….
Do what you WANT to do. If that makes you uncomfortable dealing with it and keep working hard nevertheless. Remember there are never two consecutive winters.
Keep watching me and sending me your love and positivity.
Because there is no actor without an audience.

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