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Cape Town Celebrates The Most Luxurious Wedding Of The Year!

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Cape Town Celebrates the Wedding of The Year with Candice O’Neill and Reuben Yeller

Cape Town Celebrated The Most Luxurious Wedding Of The Year!

Cape Town is known for having the most exceptional wedding venues. The best wedding ideas in South Africa! One couple that thought beyond this notion, was Candice O’Neill and her hubby Reuben Yeller. The couple became one in the most alluring wedding we have ever witnessed. A wedding many also refer to as the fairytale wedding!

Candice O’Neill is a Cape Town based entrepreneur, personal stylist and also a celebrity makeup artist. She has worked on A listers and Africa’s top Celebrities for around 10 years. Candice is no stranger to world of glitz and glam.

After years of making people look and feel beautiful, Candice wanted to share her passion and vast knowledge with her clients and the rest of the world. She opened up the bespoke style house in Cape Town, ONLYOCO, which set a new standard in Fashion, Beauty and Bridal.

The POP UP in Kloof Street took Cape Town by storm! Creating a convenient, luxury and upmarket space for clients. To enjoy through multiple services in one location such as, Makeup and makeup master classes and workshops, Styling services and workshops, nail bars, Hair bar, Men’s grooming, Luxury Retail for men and women and Bridal wear.

The companies name is derived from a play on the owners name; Only One Candice O’Neill, so called.  It promised that you would step into a world of luxury and sheer sophistication where you’ll feel as if you’re the only one.

The Love Story Beyond The Vows

“When looking for a retail space a few years back, a very chatty agent asked a lot of questions. He managed to find out that I was single. I remember thinking he was very forward. Seems like he had bigger and better plans for me. Whilst chatting to him on the phone one evening. He decided our fate was in his hands. He made sure to tell me he that had the perfect man for me. ”

“Thinking he was crazy, I immediately rejected but within a few minutes his very close friend Reuben messaged me and we got chatting. Realizing we had met 10 years prior, It then took a couple of months for us to finally go on that first date but boy I am glad we did. ”

“Above all, I ended up having a friend crash the date towards the end of the night. After 10 bottles of wine, its another story in itself. But All thanks to Alon Bitton and him clearly seeing something before we did. He introduced me to my soul mate. As a result, we now have the most beautiful daughter and memories to show for it. ”


The Fairytale Wedding

The wedding took place at Cape Town’s most luxurious venue, BOSJES. Many of us know how hard it can be to book this venue, and fortunately for this couple, there was an opening within 3 months. Candice did not hesitate to take it and therefore only had 3 months to plan this spectacular wedding!


The theme throughout the wedding was monochrome with a touch of gold. Pure sophistication, with soft touches of gold. Candice wanted my wedding to set the standard of a HIGH FASHION and luxury wedding.

The black and white minimalist theme was pulled through everywhere, from the white tables, pearl white flooring, white napkins and the beautiful white roses done ever so chic on the tables, to the detail in every individual menu placed onto each setting and more!

Candice being the net-worker that she is, was fortunate enough to know the suppliers she wanted to involve within her big day! She brought in the hands of the talented Marle Needham from TMN Events. Marle was behind the majority of the decor, hiring and wedding co-ordination over the wedding weekend.

“Marle made the process so easy and everything was flawless” – Candice

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Certainly the most admirable thing about the wedding was the fact that this couple used suppliers they knew. They ensured that the wedding was not only theirs. It was a family oriented wedding with people showcasing their talent and love for the couple. Candice and Reuben ensured that all their loved ones were involved and present, even those they had lost such as Candice’s mother Angela O’Neill and Reuben’s father, Dave Yeller.

“We wanted them to be apart of the ceremony. We let off a balloon in memory of each of them to acknowledge their presence on the day. ” – Candice

The Wedding Makers 

Delmain Viret of Maine frame has been a huge part of the family. She has taken images within the family for 6 years! She captured all the amazing images on the special day! Delmain is known for shooting raw images. She does not believe in filtering or photo shop. She believes in pure talent and also rawness!

Robyn of Shake n bake cakes has worked very closely with OnlyOco. So it was no surprise to ensure that they would be the top pick for the wedding cake selection! What a fine job with their taste buds!

Furthermore, what is a wedding without the right person to capture the moment? Mustard Seed Films captured every moment and of course, the moments filled with the soothing talent of musician Aston Wylie. A musician that Candice has loved for years and had to have at her wedding! What a dream come true!

He played the bride and grooms first dance live with the sax player – STAND BY ME! Entertainment  was joined by Dj Dino Live and kirya Kuti on the saxophone.

“My dad really gave us the wedding of our dreams” – Candice

The Bridal Dress

Candice O’Neill wore a dressed designed by the talented Lucia Uhlikova! Lucia is the Queen of hand beading. In less than 6 weeks, and over 500 hours of labour, she revealed a masterpiece for Candice! A dress beaded from head to toe. Regal, elegant and pure sophistication.

She created the dress as a three piece, the main dress, the cape and the lace neck piece. Certainly having the option of attaching it when the cape came off.

We were able to find out more from Lucia, this is what she shared about her masterpiece and her work as a designer.

What inspires most of your designs and how would you describe your work in one word?

I mainly create bespoke pieces for my clients and so each piece is unique which makes my work very exciting. I draw my inspiration from many aspects such as architecture, film, music, arts and trends. Sometimes simply fabrics can be a starting  point to an idea.

My work in one phrase: elegant with a twist.

You were the mastermind behind the beautifully detailed bridal gown worn by Candice O’Neill. It was flawless! What was the inspiration behind the gown?

Candice had a specific vision for her wedding dress. She is such a strong, kind and sophisticated women and I wanted this as the embodiment of the dress. The gown is a juxta positioning of soft, intricate details on a dramatic silhouette.

Bridal gowns surely take many hours of manual labour, could you describe the gown in terms of fabrics used and details made for our readers?

Candice’s gown consists of many layers. I started with a sheer material to create the ethereal look. On top of the sheer layer is the foundation of the dress which is made out glass beaded tulle. The top layer consists of beaded lace individually positioned on top of the beaded tulle. Each piece of lace is appliquéd on by hand to create a desired design details.

Lucia prides herself on maintaining excellence and says that the best way to become successful is through learning and patience! Lucia stated that with fashion, there is never a right or wrong. Fashion is everywhere and it is something we experience! The most rewarding part of being a designer for Lucia is spending all those hours to see a client immensely happy with the end result. She advises that behind every exceptional designer, is a good support system! Something we all need!

The BRIDAL Party

At this wedding, One thing was certainly clear! Individuality is key! Every single bridesmaid had their own original dress! The colour scheme remaining within the theme, each bridesmaid wore black. They were able to showcase their curves and extenuate what showed their style the best!

The bridal party looked like something out of a magazine. With the groomsmen all dressed in black suits, matching shoes, belts and pocket squares and the bridesmaids all in individually designed custom made gowns.

Which the bride worked closely with each designer to create gowns that suited each bridesmaids body and personality. The designers included ELRICO ZARR, SAMANTHA O’NEILL of LOVE; ANGELA BRIDAL AND EVENING WEAR and DEBBIE CLELLAND.

Candice O’Neill and Reuben Yeller surely had a very special wedding. They included so many moments that would last a lifetime. From a mixed Jewish wedding, to Candice walking down the aisle with her father, whilst Aston Wylie played Elvis Presley, Can’t help falling in love. What a spectacular wedding!

Furthermore, the couple included their beautiful baby girl, Sienna. Who was gifted an engraved bracelet within the ceremony. Not to mention the cutest ring bearer Daniel Davenport, Candice’s godson. It had guests in tears!

What an exceptionally beautiful wedding, planned in 3 months! We can only imagine how beautiful it was and yet, we are fortunate enough to actually watch it! Be part of the magic and join the Yeller Wedding of the Year!

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