Posted on May 16, 2019 at 8:00 pm

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5 Amazing Hemp Seed Oil benefits for Skin Health

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Hemp seeds may be small, but don’t be deceived by their size. What they lack in size they make up for in health and skin benefits. They are purely a food item, and in no way, shape or form should be mistaken for a drug which is high in THC.


As you know THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of the many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant that makes you high. The potency of these products will also depend on the source. Online dispensaries such as High THC has various products that differ in THC and CBD content.

Hemp seeds, on the other hand, are a different kind. They contain zero to minimal THC and a lot of essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants that our body needs.

Where Are Hemp Seeds From?


Cannabis also has two species which are marijuana and hemp. Marijuana can either be Indica or Sativa, but hemp belongs to the cannabis sativa plant.


Hemp is different from marijuana as it doesn’t contain high amounts of THC. According to law, hemp should only have less than 0.3 percent of THC to be considered legal.


Hemp seeds come from the cannabis sativa plant or hemp. Although they’re quite inconsequential in size, they’re packed with a lot of nutritional benefits such as:


  •    Protein
  •    Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  •    Soluble fiber
  •    Insoluble fiber
  •    Vitamin E, B, A, and more
  •    Magnesium
  •    Potassium
  •    Phosphorus
  •    Thiamine
  •    Riboflavin
  •    Niacin
  •    Folate
  •    Iron
  •    Zinc


Why Hemp Seed Oil Impacts Skin Health


Hemp seed oil is only one of the ways hemp seeds are extracted or produced. Aside from hemp seed oil, hemp seeds can also be consumed as whole seeds, shelled seeds, or made into hemp protein powder.


Hemp seed oil is an excellent natural source of polyunsaturated fats or “good fats.” Since our body doesn’t naturally produce these essential fatty acids, we have to get them from other sources like food. If our body is deficient in essential fatty acids, it can have an impact on how our immune system functions. This can also have an impact on our skin. When our skin loses hydration and its natural oils, it loses elasticity and becomes dry.


Therefore, adding hemp seed oil can benefit skin health through these five ways:


  1. Minimizes Acne


The hemp seed oil contains gamma-linolenic acid. This type of acid prevents sebum from clogging the pores. When you apply hemp seed oil topically, it prevents clogs and also relieves your skin from inflamed acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


  1. Helps Skin Recuperation


Proteins are the building blocks of the body. One of its numerous functions is to repair damaged tissues. Vitamin A and E are also essential nutrients that our body needs because it controls inflammatory responses. Both of these components promote faster wound recovery processes.


  1. Helps You Age Gracefully


Since hemp seed oil is packed with many antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body, it prevents cell damage which in turn impacts the skin’s condition. It’s safe to say, hemp seed oil slows the skin’s aging process.


  1. Gives Your Skin a Natural Glow


The hemp seed oil has a lot of the moisturizing properties you can think of. Our epidermis needs calcium to replace old skin cells with new ones. Since this oil contains vitamin D which boosts calcium absorption, our skin will become smoother and healthier than ever.


  1. Relieves Rashes and Itchy Skin


Due to the omega-6 fatty acid in hemp seed oil, it can provide more oxygen to the skin. Plus, the moisturizing properties of the oil can help relieve itchiness, dryness, and a myriad of skin conditions.




Including hemp seed oil in our daily beauty regimen will bring more benefits to our skin health. By directly pouring a small amount of oil and rubbing it all over the face and body daily, you can get healthy and younger looking skin for years.


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