Posted on April 12, 2019 at 2:28 pm

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Muslim Rapper Sha Vlimpse Responds To New Zealand Incident

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Muslim Rapper Sha Vlimpse Responds To New Zealand

Muslim Rapper Sha Vlimpse Responds To New Zealand

Muslim rapper, Sha Vlimpse shared his thoughts on the New Zealand Incident. The incident left many families in tears as they had to say goodbye to loved ones. It is terrifying to imagine losing someone due to the ignorance of someone else. Innocent people have lost their lives due to one man’s inability to see the beauty in diverse societies.

Sha Vlimpse is The Next Science Teaching Rapper. Sha is on the path to get his Masters in Education while maintaining a balance with his career as a musical artist. The main message Sha Vlimpse wants to get across is to the masses is to chase one’s true passions while valuing education.

“As a child I was called every racial slur you can call someone during post 9/11. As I saw the news of this attack that took place in New Zealand, my blood boiled. I knew as an artist I had to break my silence. Hence, using my platform to bring awareness to this matter. As a teacher, I don’t want any of my students being bullied and harassed for their faith and/or cultural background. Some parents chose not to tell their child about this massacre.

So the kid goes to class and a girl is wearing a hijab to pay respect for the victims and this kid start making fun of her. This is a wake-up call. I am raising my voice because I would never want any child going through the hardship I went through as a brown Muslim kid. We don’t want anyone to be called Osama the way I did. Paying my respect to those who passed and here to change the stigma that surrounds the people that practice Islam.”

This incident left many shaken and praying for the well-being of many countries! United we should all stand for change. Here is a response to this massacre through something we can all appreciate, music.
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