Posted on April 28, 2019 at 3:06 am

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Mallika Sarabhai’s The Colors Of Her Heart Captivated us!

The show left us in tears. Stories to be told which were all in the form of dance and more! The Indo-American Arts Council presented an enchanting evening of Indian dance on April 17 with Mallika Sarabhai’s The Colors of Her Heart, a spellbinding, dance-theatre-multimedia production. It was presented at The Ailey Citigroup Theatre in New York City to a full house. Choreographed and directed by Mallika Sarabhai with the visual imagery and story creating skills of Yadavan Chandran, it incorporated the haunting lyrics of British musician Samia Malik who sang live on stage. Six women told their poignant stories bringing awareness into the issue of gender inequality and violence.

On stage, the performance moved from powerfully spoken monologues sharing true stories of the travails of women interspersed with group and solo dances in different techniques and formats. In the backdrop, a projection screen drew attention in parts to the larger than life silhouettes of the dancers and in parts to powerful words and phrases that women encounter in our society. With the music moving from the fast tempo of rap to soulful ghazals, the audience was taken on a hard-hitting and emotional journey.



The show closed to tremendous applause from the crowd, receiving a standing ovation. The emotive pieces moved the audience to tears as many related or empathized to the stories being told on stage.

Speaking about the concert, Mallika Sarabhai said

“.men weeping as much as women because it touches something that all of us have hidden from our own conscious minds because we need to get on with it. We are saying, you can deal with it and still get on with it, still better.”

Check out some footage from the event that made all of us speechless.


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