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The top 3 must-visit destinations in Asia for every foodie!

The top 3 must-visit destinations in Asia for every foodie

If you are planning on visiting Asia and have not made up your mind on which city or country to visit to try out the various types of cuisines, it is completely justified. Considering how large the continent is, there are many myriad locations that cannot be missed in terms of the many types of food that is there in the offering.


The continent has an impressive blend of races, languages, cultures and even food, with each country having its own unique experience to offer. Considering how foodie culture has taken over, here is a list of the top 3 places to visit if you want to experience Asian cuisine.



Festivals, beaches, historical monuments, deserts, mountains, islands and of course the food- these are some of the many things which India has to offer. It is a well-known fact that every state in India has cuisine which is very distinctive. Kashmir is very famous for its lamb dish known as Rogan Josh, while the specialty in Kerala is the Malabar Parotta accompanied with beef fry. The variety of dosas available in Tamil Nadu is also worth trying for every traveller with an appetite.





The Vada Pav is a must-try when visiting Mumbai, while the Galauti Kebab of Lucknow and the Goan prawn curries are to die for. Apart from tasting the delicious cuisine in India, the places that should not be missed out on are Taj Mahal, the magnificent valleys in Shimla and Kashmir, serene beaches in Kerala and the ruins in Hampi.

Hong Kong

This destination is not only great for adventure, shopping and a plethora of exciting activities for persons having varied interests but has a lot to offer in terms of a culinary experience. One can sail on the along Victoria Harbour and enjoy an exquisite spread of drinks and food that is available as onboard packages.


For those foodies who are more experimental in their tastes, the Snake Soup in Hong Kong is a must have. As per the beliefs of the Cantonese, this soup has many invigorative and restorative properties. There are many Asian desserts such as Blueberry Kiss and the street food that can be found at Lantau Island that are also a must-try when in Hong Kong. For those who aren’t so experimental; food such as fish balls, wontons, and shrimp dumplings are always available.



This country is famous all over the world for its Thai Curry- a dish that simply must not be missed out on. It does not matter which city you are travelling through, the Thai Curry is definitely worth having. Apart from Thai Curry, the Tom Yum Goong which is a spicy soup made with shrimp, Tom Kha Khai – a chicken dish made with coconut soup and the Pad Krapow Moo Saap- a pork dish made with fried basil should not be missed out on.


Every foodie must also try the Khao Pad- which is Thai fried rice and the Pad Thai which is noodles made in a Thai style. Apart from the food, the busy Bangkok streets, the picturesque Phuket and the ancient temples found in Pattaya will leave any traveller awestruck.


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