Posted on March 11, 2019 at 2:21 pm

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South Africa’s Lifestyle Event of the year: The Grand White Dinner

South Africa: The Grand White Dinner 2019

Cape Town, South Africa welcomes yet another amazing lifestyle moment with The Grand White Dinner. The Grand White Dinner is one of the most prestigious lifestyle events in South Africa. It took place on the 9th of March 2019 at the secret location (Cape Town High School Field) . It was impeccable! White and Gold themed, Grand Fashion show, white and yellow balloons, a live band, tables set and amazing hospitality.

The Grand White Dinner showcased amazing local designers with media personality host, Harmony King Katulondi. Harmony is an entrepreneur and presenter on Top Billing. Hence, worth the entertainment! The Dinner enabled many guests to network and work towards decorating their tables with a touch of each individuals unique style.

Harmony King Katulondi

The show commenced with a fashion show that enabled local talent to showcase their beautiful ensembles. One designer that stood out the most in the crowd was Denzil Pillay and his clothing line called High Definition. He had the crowd on their feet when he brought out his curvy models. Watching plus size women slay that runway surely empowered many women at the event. It was worth seeing, experiencing body inclusivity was such a thrill! He was able to capture the essence of beauty within his ensembles. Bringing the sexy back in style!

South Africa: The grand white dinner

We were entertained with music by the likes of Zakes Bantwini, Bushfire, DJ Mamba, Minanzi Mbira Band and more! The live band kept everyone entertained with some jazz and afro funk vibes! People were ready for more as soon as that microphone switched on. Little did we know, an epic performance was about to bless our weekend! Busiswa graced the stage with herself and her backup dancers. Jiving out on the runway with killer choreography and vocals that we all attempted to compete with. It was clear that South Africans are the best performers! No doubt, I attempted to sing but I guess I will stick to shower and car karaoke!

This event brought together so many people. Friendly faces, warm embraces. The grand white dinner surely knows how to bring South Africans together. Everyone related to each other and lets not forget the Bottles of Haute Cabrière Chardonnay Pinot Noir 2017 that brought the fire to the tables!

Be sure to follow The Grand White Dinner on instagram to purchase tickets to the Dinner in Johannesburg. Durban and Pretoria! Follow us on Instagram for more pictures from this spectacular event!

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