Posted on March 14, 2019 at 7:32 pm

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5 Reasons To Work With a Travel Designer for Your Destination Wedding

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5 Reasons To Work With a Travel Designer for Your Destination Wedding

More and more couples choose to have a destination wedding thinking it will be more straightforward than planning a traditional wedding closer to home. These couples learn that there are many aspects of the big day to prepare and that coordinating travel arrangements for large groups can be complicated.  From choosing the ideal location to the many wedding details to decide on, having a professional travel advisor (or as some of us like to call ourselves travel designer) to help you plan your dream destination wedding will offer you a huge advantage. That’s because we are masters at travel planning and we are here to advocate on your behalf and take care of all the little details saving you from the hassle of doing everything on your own.

There are many reasons using a travel designer can be a major life (and time) saver, but here are the top five reasons you want us to help make your dream destination wedding a reality.


We know the destinations and can provide more in-depth recommendations- many times from our own travel experiences- for your dream wedding according to your style, vision, and guest list.

Save Time

We have a world of travel information at our fingertips and have reliable, long-standing relationships within the travel industry, saving you countless hours/days of researching for the right destination for your dream wedding.

More Value

We know the better choices for hotels and flights, and we love getting you extra perks!  Besides perks and personalized touches, we provide a value you can’t put a price on.  We guide you from the logistic and legal points (such as visas and other paperwork for the wedding ceremony) of planning a destination wedding to bundles of savings for you and your friends and family.

Personalized Service

We work for you and know your value, therefore, we produce an event that goes beyond a wedding.  We help create a memorable experience for your wedding guests by ensuring that we plan every detail of your wedding and travel experience on your behalf.

Less Stress for You

We’re here to handle all your guests’ questions, concerns, and travel needs.  We’re also here to assist you and your guests if problems and emergencies occur during your trip so you can focus on the wedding details and have fun!


Need more tips or are ready to start planning your dream destination wedding? Contact me here to connect and set up a free consultation.