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5 Famous Silk that Every Indian Woman Must Own

5 Famous Silk that Every Indian Woman Must Own

Every woman gets delighted when they hear the name saree. A saree makes a huge impression for everyone. Women feel excited and happy to drape a silk saree. Silk sarees steal any show at each and every wedding function. So you should be aware of the famous silk sarees available in India. Also, get an idea of those that you must have in your wardrobe. Mentioned below are the 5 silk sarees that all Indian women must own.


  • Kanchipuram silk sarees: When you wish to buy the best silk sarees, then Kanchipuram should definitely be a part of your wishlist. The city Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu is well known for its silk sarees apart for its temples. It comes in pure silk that is hand woven and tested silk. Kanchipuram is available in a huge variety and thus it is surely the place that you should visit to purchase elegant silk sarees. Moreover, these silk sarees of Kanchipuram are sold in huge number across the globe. Their color never fades off. Kanchipuram sarees are a renowned selection for weddings in India and these days it is available in many versions to match the latest fashion trends.



    • Banarasi silk sarees: These are fancy sarees with a royal look. It basically originates from the city named Benaras or Varanasi situated on the banks of Ganges. Banarasi sarees vintage symbols are opulent colors along with intricate embroidery that mostly includes different floral motifs. Thus it is a must-have silk saree for every woman. It takes lot of time to make a hand-woven Banarasi saree as it is full of uniqueness. This silk saree definitely should be a part of your closet especially if you are a bride-to-be or have your best friend’s wedding. Banarasi sarees look graceful on a bride when it is accessorized well with Kundan jewelry or Polki jewelry.


  • Patola silk sarees: Patan in Gujarat is one such place from where comes the highly costly silk sarees named Patola silk. It a double Ikkat woven silk saree. Patola silk sarees are not only expensive but they are making too needs cautiousness. A handful of weavers weave these silk sarees. Women who belong to royal families are seen to wear these sarees. The most common patterns of these sarees are checks, dancing figures and parrot motifs. They are mostly available in vibrant colors and tones. Any woman who thinks herself as the queen of her home must have such royal silk sarees in her collection of sarees.



  • Chanderi silk, Mysore silk, and Kasavu sarees: Madhya Pradesh is the hub for Chanderi silk sarees. They were light in weight can be worn easily and adds comfort. They are very attractive and will make you look dignified. Modish working women, as well as college girls, can flaunt these silk sarees perfectly. Mysore silk is another silk saree that is known for its excellent quality. It leaves a soft buttery feel when worn and helps you to drape it ideally. It also shows your figure as it is light and not much heavily adorned. If you are a young woman who is unable to manage any heavy saree, then Mysore silk sarees are the ultimate sarees for you. Another silk saree that is worn by most women in the South during special occasions is Kasavu sarees. This is a unique silk saree that is available in the form of a single piece in simple but graceful cream along with gold border as well as the Set Mundu which is a two piece. In the two-piece attire, the first piece is usually worn by wrapping it around the bottom half and then another piece is well draped in the form of a half saree. these days, gold borders are replaced by colored ones. You can also buy embroidered Kasavu silk sarees and show off your classiness.




  • Paithani silk sarees: Paithani sarees belongs to the feisty Marathas. These silk sarees are beautiful and vivid. Paithani sarees are totally hand woven silk sarees and are known to be one of the magnificent sarees of our sub-continent. Paithani silk sarees can be bought in distinctive colours. Motifs of special parrot, peacock, lotus as well as flower pot decorate these silk sarees. You must buy a Paithani saree as they are gorgeous and also if you wish to celebrate Peshwas’s spirit.

So hope you finally have an idea about the 5 famous silk sarees in India that will aid you in deciding how to include more elegant ones in your wardrobe. So go forward and visit, a popular online shop to buy these famous silk sarees.

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