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Top 5 Characters Of Irrfan Khan That Made Us Laugh, Cry & Relate To

Top 5 Characters Of Irrfan Khan That Made Us Laugh, Cry & Relate To

Irrfan Khan made his debut in Bollywood in 2005 in Rog and from that day the actor didn’t have to look back. Irrfan is not only known for his work only in Hindi cinema but also his work in British films and Hollywood.

Today as Irrfan Khan rings his 52nd birthday, we at UrbanAsian would like to list down top 5 characters which made us laugh, cry and also relate too well.

1.            Raj Batra in Hindi Medium:

He played the role of Raj Batra, a rich businessman from Delhi staying with his wife Mita, who aspires to give their daughter the best education. The plot deals with social themes including education, parenting, class, social mobility, and language. After Shah Rukh Khan, Irrfan made us fall in love with Raj again.

2.            Shaukat in Karwaan:

Irrfan plays the role of a perfect friend in Karwaan. Shaukat helps Avinash by offering his van and company to travel from Bangalore and exchange the body in Kochi.

3.            Saajan Fernandes in The Lunchbox:

Saajan Fernandes is a widower who is about to retire from his job as an accountant. Through a rare mix-up of the famous “dabbawalas”, Saajan meets Ila and then the way the two fall for each other continues.

4.            Ashwin Kumar in Talvar:

Based on a true story, Talver is based on the 2008 Noida double murder case involving a teenage girl and her family’s servant. Irrfan plays the role of an investigation officer.

5.            Rana Chaudhary in PIKU:

Rana Chaudhary is in a taxi business. Rana has his own family problems with his mother and sister. He helps out Piku Banerjee and her father Bhashkor for a trip where he falls love in with Piku. Though the entire story revolves around Piku, the part from where Irrfan is introduced the movie lights up.

We would love to see more such unique and wonderful characters played by you Irrfan. 

Happy Birthday Irrfan ❤

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