Posted on December 6, 2018 at 3:11 pm

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Allegations made by Kate Sharma against Subhash Ghai: A Completely Failed Bust

Police finds no substance in allegations made by Kate Sharma against Subhash Ghai

Subhash Ghai No Substance

Police finds no substance in allegations made by Kate Sharma against Subhash Ghai. As on 13th October 2018 Kate Sharma posted her allegations against veteran film maker Subhash Ghai on facebook. She later made a written complaint on the same evening at DN Nagar Police Station, Andheri West, Mumbai. Alleging him for misconduct and sexual harassment on 6th August 2018. In his office in front of other guests. This should include more evidence and other guests to come forward to support the alleged incident.

Subhash Ghai denied all Kate’s allegations. He stated that he has always respected women with dignity and shall always respect and shall continue his support  for women empowerment. This allegation was brought forward within the 16 days of activism. It is difficult to undertake this situation within the current impact of abuse, substance and harassment in society. It has become increasingly easier to be able to speak out with the continuous support around our women today.
Kate Sharma allegations
Police took charge of the complaint and investigated the case. Also They inquired with the people present there on the same evening. After police made many efforts to call Kate Sharma at police station she appeared at police station only on  22nd October 2018 with a request to postpone her application and then again she reappeared on 14th Nov  at police station to withdraw  her application against Subhash Ghai  and made a statement that she does not want to  pursue it further for her personal reasons. The police confirmed that there was no evidence regarding the allegation. Hence, allegations made were thoroughly checked by police and others involved.
Furthermore, on 29th November 2018 after completing the inquiry of entire case police decided to close the case as they found NO SUBSTANCE  in her allegations.
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