Posted on November 28, 2018 at 11:21 pm

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Tiger A Movie Profound And Fierce Releasing In Theaters November 30

Tiger A Movie Profound And Fierce Releasing In Theaters November 30

Tiger, a film can be described in two words “profound” and “fierce”. The film that begins with a battle of an individual bringing terminal change while benefiting the entire race. A powerful film reflecting most insightful attacks on a race. The film allows a public to think and discuss the discrimination in an entertaining and relatable way. The film exposes the raw emotions of a man who struggles for his rights to compete as a boxer.

A practicing Sikh is banned by the boxing commission for refusing to back down from his religious beliefs. Through racial profiling and stereotypical threats, he does what any strong Americans would do, Fight back.

As the movie unfolded, it not only grew my curiosity, but I could feel the frustration in the film of an athlete who struggled to follow his dream. Most of us would have probably settled with this situation. What made this athlete separate from the rest of the world? The movie embellishes the role of the individual to bring out the change in society. The film elevates the inquisitiveness as film rolls into the second half. The movie discusses the discrimination and shows us high and the low points of his life. A man is persistent and consistent with his thought process of rejection to compromise with the hitch of that era.

The American sports drama film directed by Alister Grierson, written by Michael Pugliese and Prem Singh, is a true story of a former Ontario boxing champion. Prem Singh who played as Pardeep Singh Nagra absolutely justified the character. Bringing character to life Prem Singh responded to a desire to prove the doubters and the rule makers wrong. The character in the film holds an internal aggression against discrimination and the actor Prem Singh delivers it well through his acting.

Janel Parrish a well know actress plays a character of a lawyer who plays a special role in the film besides Pardeep Singh Nagra. The actress brings a special charm to the film. Stealing hearts of many she also becomes the heart of the film. Need not to say more….. her acting is worth watching in the theaters.

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Tiger portrayed the emotional, physical and mental battle of an athlete. A thoroughly relevant, a film is a true inspiration. In today’s fabricated world, a film strongly poses the idea of mind over matter and is a must watch. The movie is releasing on Friday, November 30. Urbanasian gives this film 4.6.

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