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HIGH STREET WEDDING DRESSES: To Make You Feel Like A Princess!


Finding your perfect wedding dress may turn out to be more difficult than you thought. In addition to the horrors of just searching for one that looks right, it might end up costing you a fortune! In this day and age, who has that kind of time and money to spend on dresses you probably won’t wear a second time? When it comes to making you feel like a princess- whether that’s in an off-shoulder dress at Topshop or in a modern sari with pleats perfectly arranged to make everyone around do a double take- we know the perfect places for you to check out this wedding season.

Before you actually start looking for an outfit, you definitely want to establish the ground rules of shopping for your wedding dress, or dresses, to give you a head start on the process. What you’ll need essentially is the approximate number of events you plan on attending, the timings of those events, the dress code, and most importantly, the color palette you want to explore. Once you’ve gotten the list-making part of shopping out of the way, you can begin the actual hunt.


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Traditions are another part of weddings that have a massive impact on the dresses you choose for your wedding. Customs relating to religion, traditions handed down through the generations of a family, and the region you belong to or intend to get wedded in; all affect your decision when it comes to your outfit.  Color palettes that include shades of red, orange, maroon, and gold are favored for most Indian weddings depicting the richness of the bond that is created through how deep the colors run. This, however, varies depending on the region of India you’re from, or the customs practiced in your religion. Some prefer palettes with shades of white, grey, beige or nude to highlight the serenity of the moment, allowing themselves and the events to be wholly consumed by the purity of the wedding.

Fashion Industry!

With the growing fashion industry, you don’t need to worry about your wedding dress costing you an arm and a leg to make you feel like the star of the event. High street fashion is taking over, and it refuses to be any lesser than custom-made designer outfits. For those of you who are fairly new to the fashion world, let me break down the two categories; ‘custom-made designer outfits’ are as the name suggests, hand-made and fitted to perfection by a big name in the industry mostly falling within the category of haute couture. High street fashion originates from the literal high street in the UK, where brands produce outfits for the masses at more affordable prices that are ready-to-wear straight out of the store!

These high street stores promise you a range of prices and a variety of dresses for your special day. Starting as low as £59.99 for H&M’s “Mama chiffon dress” and reaching prices as high as Needle & Thread’s “Rosette Embellished Embroidered Tulle Gown” for £950, or mid-range dresses like Topshop’s Bardot Bridal Gown by Flynn Skye for £250 these high street fashion brands exist to make your dreams come true, and cater to exactly what you want while letting you explore your options when it comes to cuts, designs, and patterns.

While a Manish Malhotra lehenga or a Sabyasachi sari might be too heavy on your pockets, a high-street store might have what you’re looking for and more.

As Vogue’s Pom Ogilvy says,

“Finding the perfect wedding dress needn’t be a nightmare. Look to the high-street for your nuptials, where it’s possible to find elegant options without breaking the bank. Or look to more unconventional designer offerings for a dress that doesn’t scream bride.”

If this article doesn’t convince you to give high street fashion a shot, maybe an excerpt from Marie Claire’s take on wedding dresses on a budget will. The experts on wedding dresses from designer to high street say, “High street wedding dresses just keep getting better and better”. It is evident with this consistent improvement in material, design and price range that high-street fashion is worth a shot. Pick the pattern you want to wear from a range of lace to chiffon, boho to chic, floor-length gowns to off-the-shoulder tops, these brands guarantee you the perfect look. All you need to do is pick a store closest to you, and visit the outlet to make your wedding dreams come true.

Why drop a few £1,000 to get the look you’ve dreamt of since childhood or the look you’ve been planning for weeks in advance? Brides on a budget have nothing to worry about especially with the new season kicking in, be prepared to witness high street fashion in all its glory with its wide range of dresses and designs.

Give the high street fashion brands a chance, and you’re almost certain to fall in love with what you see!


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At Saree Palace, Heeral Thakkar commenced with the vision of inspiring the world with her fabulous and stylish clothing line. Heeral is a pioneer in providing an Indian culture and tradition in California. Presently, people from all over the country are interested in shopping from this first ever Indian bridal boutique. With experience in hand and unique fashion trends in mind, Heeral has become one of the most exquisite fashion designers in the country.


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