Posted on September 17, 2018 at 12:55 am

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6 Ways to Re-Adore the City In Which You Live

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6 Ways to Re-Adore the City In Which You Live

How to look at a familiar place in a new way, turn its flaws into virtues and live in it the way you want.

When long living in the same city, we get used to it: the landscape around is no longer so bright and cute, nothing new seems to happen. And it seems that this place, if not the worst on Earth, it is definitely not the most acceptable for life. Although some time ago you could think quite differently.

So what to do if the option of moving does not fit you, but you still want to love the place in which you live?

  1. Help the city – be the Batman
  2. You can start with a banal cleaning. The nearest street will be cleaner and neater, and you will look at it differently, simply because you made it with your hands.
  3. Another option is to register as a volunteer in local hospitals, orphanages, and nursing homes.
  4. When you see that there are people who need your support, strength, and inspiration come from somewhere.


Do what you love

Unless, of course, you still do 0not do it. It is not so important where you live if you do something that brings you sincere joy. The pleasure of doing what you love is going to improve the mood so much that the experiences about the landscape outside the window will not be so significant.

You can do something at the level of a hobby: embroider, sing, breed iguanas, bake cakes. And you can go further and make this occupation a matter of all life: open atelier, bakery, terrarium, gather a group or run a solo project. Thank god we have the Internet, therefore resources and adherents can be found irrespective of where you live.

Explore the history

Practical each city is the homeland of at least a couple of outstanding figures in various fields. Even in a small village could live a genius of literature or a talented artist. And often the poets wrote almost whole odes about their native places, and the artists created their most beautiful canvases.

Study the local history and see which of the great ones lived in your locality a few centuries ago, and who passed by. It may be that you have the same views and you love the same places. Or maybe, on the contrary, you will discover what you have never paid attention to before.

To study the latest history and plans for the transformation of the city

Urban activists can sometimes be very subtle: they do something, come up with some projects, discuss them and gradually embody the plans. It’s not that this is classified information, it’s just usually said about post factum when everything planned is ready.

After studying the activities of local initiative groups, you can find out that in six months somewhere on the outskirts of the old plant will be an art cluster, and in two years the transport scheme will be completely changed.


Find like-minded people

It may seem that we are the only people who see and understand everything, but for the rest everything is ok. But for sure in your city, there are a lot of people who are feeling something similar. Experienced and do not tell anyone.

Perhaps it’s worth starting to lead a more active social life and finally finding someone like that.

Separated for two problems are easier to solve, and when detailed consideration can generally not be problems.


Pass new routes

If nothing really helps, then the imposed feeling that you are somewhere else will help distract you. It’s trite, but it works. The most effective way is to find on the map a street with an unfamiliar name and go there. Even if there is a wasteland or dugouts with lopsided fences – it does not matter. You did not see it here before, which means that you changed the situation and got distracted and you’ll feel much better from that moment.

And the last option – just go on , chat with girls and go to travel somewhere. This will inhale a new life in you!