Posted on August 24, 2018 at 10:22 pm

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Eka Presented Rina Singh’s Raw Textiles Collection Lakmé Fashion Week

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Eka Presented Rina Singh’s Raw Textiles Collection Lakmé Fashion Week

Eka Presented Rina Singh’s Raw Textiles Collection Lakmé Fashion Week. Eka presented the raw beauty of textiles and fashion at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2018

Mumbai, 23rd August 2018:
The collection by Eka at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2018 was an intense study of beautiful, raw, textiles and fashion. The ‘Eka’ brand by Rina Singh is a renowned name in India and aboard with a loyal fashion following. ‘Eka’, which means ONE in Sanskrit has always offered functional, timeless garments in hand-woven fabrics.

For the coming season Eka’s fabric story for her collection “Lived In” remained true to its ethos as hand spun and woven Khadi cotton and linen were given a variety of patterns like stripes, checks, borders and hand block prints.

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Eka’s special weaves were shown in the technique called “Kater Makur Kaj” from rural Bengal, which is “Cut Shuttle” in English and was created by expert weavers in the Nadia District Shantipur, West Bengal.

Fine embellishments have been the leitmotif of ‘Eka’ and this time too, the focus was on Soojni embroidery from Kashmir on the wool, Khadi, and linen ensembles. Prints added to the beauty of the collection with specially developed wood blocks chintz print. The silhouettes have always been functional, comfortable and relaxed for the brand, which gave the garments not only a timeless quality but also the possibility of layering as well as mix and match.

The grey pinafore over an orange blouse and the white sheer midi topped with a deep purple coat presented the Khadi cotton in its natural forms.

The sheer fabrics were the common factor in most of the creations as they were layered over the more solid checked or color blocked inners. Transparent robes had almost a fly-away like quality, while tiered quietly printed dresses floated down the runway. The pinafore over sheer shirt, the line of checked dresses and kaftans in black, white, red, khaki and green offered variety in the patterns. A cute spunky entry was the skirt with suspenders over a black net blouse. Bringing in some cool options, the black, strappy, scalloped, hemline dress with matching wide pants was a fun entry. Tiers for the skirts appeared regularly to highlight the sheer over the opaque story.The final modern-day bridal maxi had to be in white but with a flared, tiered, skirt and long sleeves.

Here was fashion that was restrained, very discreet with the right touches of embellishments and fabric innovations in prints and weaves that will be appreciated by lovers who have very refined fashion sensibilities. For lovers of tradition, style and great weaves the ‘Eka’ collection “Lived In” by Rina Singh will be the conversation stopper at any event.