Posted on July 9, 2018 at 5:38 pm

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UnErase Poetry releases new content “When We Talk About Rape”

Simar Singh is an unsual Founder. Even before he could drive, he founded UnErase Poetry – a socially driven community that promotes and produces spoken word poetry in Hindi and English. UnErase has been a frontrunner in creating powerful, hard-hitting content on social issues. It’s YouTube channel serves as a valuable platform for several promising spoken word poets; most notably Aranya Johar who shot to fame with her piece titled “A Brown Girls Guide to Beauty.”

“When We Talk About Rape” is a critical look at rape culture and the nature of consent from the perspective of two 16-year old girls. The video was launched on UnErase Poetry’s YouTube channel with over 400,000 subscribers and 20 million views.

The poem is written and performed by Akanksha Sinha and Poorvika Mehra with music composed by Hasan Baldiwala. This performance shows how a girl’s confidence in her body, mind, and voice is destroyed with the reality of rape. It spreads the message that when rape is discussed, a girl’s body should not be objectified. Rather, it should reinforce that her love should be returned with love, not sex.


Speaking on the launch, Aranya Johar said,

”This piece perfectly explains the subtleties of rape culture and how ingrained it is within all of us. I think this piece particularly resonates with everyone because of how raw and honest Poorvika and Akanksha get, and how candid they are of their experiences as young girls of this generation.


Additionally, Simar Singh the Curator and Founder, of UnErase Poetry said,

“This is either the start of a conversation or a push to an already existing conversation to create a momentum to propel the movement forward. We, at UnErase, feel the young perspectives about the issue at hand give society a better idea of what it’s dealing with.”


“When We Talk About Rape”, is now online on the UnErase Poetry YouTube channel. Check it out below! 


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