Posted on August 7, 2017 at 4:31 pm

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Which Cricketer from The Indian team resembles which emoji?

The upcoming animated movie, The Emoji Movie which is all set to release on the 11th of August has already started receiving love from the audiences. Using emojis in our day to day life without knowing shows us the connection we share with these emojis. Here are some cricketers who resemble emojis while doing their favorite thing i.e. playing cricket.

1) Virat Kohli as the Straight Faced emoji

Being the serious one on field, most of the times when the camera shows his face this emoji is exactly what we get to see.

2) Harbajan Singh and the Confused Emoji

Wanting to play the ball in a particular way and the ball turning out to ne played differently is what causes Harbajan to be confused all the time. No one can beat him at this emoji at least.

3) Yuvraj Singh as the Angry Emoji

Being filled with so much enthusiasm, Yuvraj Singh often channels his enthusiasm through the anger and reactions that he gives on field. Hence without doubt the angry faced emoji is Yuvraj Singh

4) Shikhar Dhawan as the Cool Emoji


Whether he makes a 50 or 100 runs, the one person who looks as calm as a cucumber is Shikhar Dhawan. Somehow millions of people are drooling over this cool person since day 1.

The Emoji Movie co-stars James Corden, Steven Wright and Rob Riggle, along with Patrick Stewart who plays the Poop emoji. Directed by Tony Leondis and produced by Michelle Raimo, the film was scripted by Mike White and Eric Siegel.

‘The Emoji movie’ is all set to release in India on 11th August, 2017. It’s a Sony Pictures Entertainment India Release.