Posted on August 14, 2017 at 6:17 am

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Independence Day Feature: Tv Actors Tell Us Ways To Make India The Best Country In The World

As they get ready to celebrate Independence Day, our TV actors tell us ways to make India the best country in the world. They also talk about their favorite freedom fighter as well as their favorite patriotic number.

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Karan Oberoi:

India beats in the heart of every Indian.  We don’t need a reminder on special days, to love our country. These days are just a reminder and a celebration of the rich legacy of our country. It reminds us of the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters, who fought for the country. India is so diverse, beautiful and rich in its cultural ethos.  It is the best country in the world.  All we have to do, to make it greater, is to celebrate our diversity and not bicker about our differences The person who left the most impact on me as a leader, and as a freedom fighter was Netaji Subhashchandra Bose.  He was a dynamic and charismatic leader who inspired millions of Indians to dream of a free country. My favorite patriotic song is “Bharat Hum Ko Jaan Se Pyaara Hai” from the film Roja.

Ramman Handa:

I feel patriotic every second of my life. I feel proud when it’s Independence Day or Republic Day as it reminds me how brave my country men have been. Our national heroes have given us a slogan, ‘To Live & Let Live,’ and I wish if we Indians follow it and make India really Independent. This will be real Independence for modern India. Shaheed Bhagat Singh is one of the most impactful personalities, who fought for our country. My favorite patriotic song is ‘Aey Mere Pyaare Vatan’ sung by Lata Mangeshkar.

Aniruddh Dave:

Why do we need to remember our country only on these two days? I celebrate Diwali and Children’s day with fauji families every year. We are free, but humanity is missing in this country. Irrespective how literate you are, people behave like illiterates. This needs to change. I don’t have a favorite freedom fighter as I feel that all of them fought in their own way. I really like ‘Sabse aage honge Hindustani’, more than patriotic, it is optimistic.


Vinayak Sinha:

I feel patriotic every day. To make our country the best country in the world, I think education is the most important. The day literacy rate goes higher, most of the national issues will be resolved. Subhash Chandra Bose is the freedom fighter, who I like the most. He was a very dynamic freedom fighter, even at that time. His personality and dynamic approach was something I try to follow even today. My favorite patriotic song is ‘Aye mere watan Kay logo’ by Lata ji.


Manish Wadhwa:

It is sad that people show their ‘deshbhakti’ only on these two days. But more importantly, I feel there is need for the feeling of equality among the Indians now. Instead of thinking about the religion, caste, state that you belong to, you should feel that you belong to India. You are an Indian. Instead of asking what the country has done for you, you should ask yourself what you have done for the country. When it comes to the freedom struggle, everyone’s contribution is equal. I salute them all. This one particular song ‘Jaan bhi denge, Aye watan Tere liye’ is what comes to my mind when I think of patriotism.


Hrishikeh Pandey:

I come from an Army background, where I have seen everyone working hard to protect the country. For me, the soldiers are the real fighters, who give up everything for the country. We should follow all the rules and regulations that have been laid out for us. That will be the stepping stone towards making India a better place to stay. There are so many freedom fighters that we have read about. The ones which have an impact on me are Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. They were so young when they participated in the freedom struggle and they died for our country. One of my favorite patriotic songs is ‘Mera Rang De Basanti Chola’ and the other is ‘Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo’, both songs give me goosebumps.


Vahbiz Dorabjee:

Patriotism should come on all days and not just these two. It will come through the respect and contribution that we make towards our country. It should be on a day-to-day basis. We can work to keep the country clean as well as look into our infrastructure and finish corruption. Be a responsible citizen in paying your taxes. I cannot name any one freedom fighter. Right from Gandhiji to Bhagat Singh, everyone had an equal contribution in India’s independence. We must respect them. My favourite song is ‘Vande Mataram’ by A.R. Rahman, I just love it.


Ankit Siwach:

My roots are very deep as I belong to agricultural background and I have been bought up in a cantonment area. Most of my cousins serve in the army and my father works for civil defense. Patriotism is in my blood and the love for my country is eternal. The biggest impact created on my mind is by Shaheed Bhagat Singh ji, he is the idol our youth needs now and forever. My favorite patriotic song is ‘Maaa Tujhe Salaam’ by A R Rahman.


Lavanya Bharadwaj:

It’s not that we just show patriotism on 15th August and 26th January. These are the official days on which we share the feeling of independence and togetherness with each other, like Holi or Diwali. I am a great fan of Bhagat Singh. He was so young when he fought in the freedom struggle and gave his life for the country. He showed everyone what real patriotism is. My favorite patriotic song is ‘Mere Desh Ki Dharti’.


Nutan Rai:

If every Indian stays true to what they call as their homeland, then India will not just be a mere country but a home to everyone. All the freedom fighters played a very important role in the struggle and their stories have moved us. However, Bhagat Singh’s story has had a great impact in my life. Not many people can do what he did, sacrificed his life at such a young age. There are so many patriotic songs, but hands down ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achaa’ is by far the best one.


Shakti Arora:

There are some rules that we need to follow in order to make India a better place. Rules regarding women’s safety can change the mind set of people. This will help us love our country. Studying history back in school, I was awed by Chandrashekhar Azad, he had fine qualities of being a leader. My favorite song will always be our National Anthem.


Rohit Purohit:

I feel population explosion is an issue in our country. In metro cities, people still believe in the concept of nuclear families but in small towns and villages, population control is necessary. I think, we, as actors, need to take up this cause and work towards it.  As for my favorite freedom fighter, I like Bhagat Singh the most. I am inspired by his single-minded determination to fight. My favorite patriotic song is ‘Aye Mere Vatan Ke Logo’. I am currently in Indonesia and singing this song reminds me of my India.



I feel unemployment is still an issue in our country there are not enough jobs for everyone. In fact, everyone doesn’t even get proper and quality education in our country. Education should be made cheaper or even free. My favorite freedom fighter is Subash Chandra Bose, he had the leadership qualities of a true warrior. My favorite song is ‘Rang De Basanti’.


Rohit Bharadwaj:

Girl education should be encouraged and made compulsory in India. Girls should be taught self-defense and should be encouraged to participate in other extracurricular activities. My favorite freedom fighter is Rani Laxmi Bai, she alone fought with great courage. My favorite patriotic song is ‘Vande Mataram’.


Vikas Verma:

As an Indian, I think we should follow all the rules and regulations that have been set in place by our government. Be it traffic rules or other laws, following these will help our government make India the best country. It is important for us to do the things which are in our control to help our country progress.  Once you inculcate this feeling in yourself, then you won’t feel like breaking any rules.  Gandhi ji said, ‘Ahimsa Parmo Dharma.’ He followed the path of truth and that is what impacted me the most. Anyone can follow the path of war but not everyone has the courage to follow the path of peace and truth. My favorite patriotic song is ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’. It’s very beautifully written and describes how much we love our country.


Mohammad Nazim:

Patriotism is not just about singing patriotic numbers, it has many other aspects. India has progresses so much over the years, but we have a long way to go. There are still some fundamental problems like poverty, illiteracy and unemployment that plague the country and we need to work on these. If I have to choose one freedom fighter, who has really motivated me, it will have to be Gandhi Ji. He followed the path of truth and non violence and his teachings are so relevant. My favorite patriotic number is Mere ‘Desh Ki Dharti’. I love the lyrics.


Ssharad Malhotraa:

My love for India cannot be restricted to just these two days in a year. I am proud to be an Indian. As far as helping my country is concerned, I feel we should eradicate corruption. That will really help India progress. I remember studying about the freedom struggle when I was in school and I was the most inspired by Bhagat Singh. He did so much for the country, I don’t think anyone can even think of doing so much today. My favorite patriotic song is ‘Mera Rang De Basanti’.


Adaa Khan:

I love my country and days like Republic Day and Independence Day give me opportunities to show this love. I am aware that India is not perfect, but no country is. Rather than looking at all that is wrong with our country and the government, let us concentrate on what is right here. We have such a diverse culture with different languages and different cuisines. This is something that we can appreciate about India. We have such a rich history too. I remember I used to love studying about the freedom struggle and Subhash Chandra Bose was my favorite freedom fighter. My favorite patriotic song is ‘Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo’.


Chandan K. Anand:

I just want to salute all the freedom fighters because of whom we roam around freely in our country, we have the liberty to express ourselves, and we are the biggest democratic country. We as Indians, should respect the struggle that they went through, be it Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh or Gandhiji, they fought for our freedom and made India the strongest and one of the popular countries in the world. We should stand together and have the feeling of patriotism inside us. We should have the feeling of equality among us. So that India can blossom more in the future. “Dil Diya hai jaan bhi denge, Aye watan tere liye”, is my favorite patriotic song because of its quality of bringing out patriotic feeling inside anyone’s heart.


Divyajoytee Sharma:

I feel girl education is what should be given priority. I always encourage my maid to ensure her children should go to school. Education gives the right perspectives. My favorite song is ‘Mere desh Ki Dharti Ugle sona’, ‘Mere Desh Ki Dharti’. The song is very desi and reflects Indian’s spirit and faith.


Neha Saxena:

To become best country in the world our country should be financially sound, Education system should be of high rank, we should have high life expectancy, Low crime, the lowest rate of income inequality. All this can be achieved if we consider our country as our home and if we fulfill our duty towards it with honesty and integrity! There are many freedom fighters who gave their lives for freedom, Out of all one who impressed me a lot by his way is Subhas Chandra Bose. He was one of the best leaders of masses, Went to Japan, Germany to get help for freedom fighters against British rulers, unfortunately, he died in plane crash. My favorite patriotic is sung by Mohamad Rafi ‘Kar chale hum fida jaan tan sathiyo’, ‘ab tumhare hawale vatan sathiyo’. It reminds me of my school days when we use to celebrate Independence Day.


Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind!