Posted on August 6, 2017 at 7:38 pm


Faran Tahir Busy Working On Three New Projects

Television shows and movies are basically the sources of entertainment in many of our lives. Directors and producers are coming up with amazing ideas to portray on the big screen, and actors and actresses are doing the same by opening up to new roles and opportunities in their career and this makes the fans very happy. Pakistani-Hollywood actor Faran Tahir has made himself a busy man by taking on three new projects simultaneously.

Faran will be appearing in the television series titled “Shameless”, it is known to be the remake of the British Comedy-drama of the same name and it depicts the story of a dysfunctional family. He currently shooting for the eighth season of the show along with the other cast members. Another Project he is also working on is another television series called “The magicians” which is an American fantasy series and it is also based off an novel by Lev Grossman, the season will begin to air in 2018.

The last project this talented all rounder actor is working on is actually a movie titled “Mindhack: #savetheworld”. This movie is an upcoming science fiction film about a young mad genius and his imaginary friends who make a flawed attempt to fix humanity problems. Faran will be playing the role of the antagonist Eden. The movie has been directed by Royce Gorsuch.

Be sure to check out this talented actor in all of his upcoming television shows and movies as it is something you won’t want to miss out in watching!

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