Posted on June 5, 2017 at 12:00 pm


This Is How TV Stars Plan To Celebrate Environment Day

If we were to look at our surroundings, we realize that house cleaning service  the spaces around us is the need of the day. And with global warming affecting our planet so severely, taking on measures for environmental safety is the need of the hour. So, on June 5, on the World Environment Day, we speak to TV stars on how they plan to act towards environmental safety. Here’s what they had to say:

Dalljiet Kaur:

Every person can contribute to keeping the environment clean. I make sure I get my car checked for PUC regularly. Otherwise, on a daily basis, I save water by checking taps regularly and turn them off while brushing; it’s all about saving up resources, and I do my bit in whatever little way I can. And I m happy to see a lot of change in the people around me as well. Earlier, you would see people throwing stuff out of a driving car, which you don’t get to see a lot these days.

Vahbiz Dorabjee:

I think we should contribute every single day to the environment. Recently, my mother gifted me a bin for my car. It can be attached to the seat. It helps me a lot because I can throw things in it and later dispose of them in a dustbin rather than discarding them on the road. Besides that, one should be reminded of not littering around and spitting. I feel angry and disgusted seeing someone spit on the road. Also, there’s a new rule in our building that we have to have two dustbins; one for wet waste and one for dry waste. So, we have to do such little contributions on our part to keep our surroundings clean.


Hasan Zaidi:

Well environment is a big concern especially in today’s era with increasing pollution every day in terms of vehicles, industrial pollutants, and the carbon imprints. As an individual, we need to live by example and teach the next generation, our kids and also our generation earlier it wasn’t a big deal but now it has been a matter of concern for all the nations on our planet. One can do car pooling, emissions of gas can be lessened and careful and prioritizing gadgets we only use air conditioners during the night. We take our kids to park, we go for clean up drive recently we the residents of Raheja and madh had a cleanup drive at Versova. We with our family and neighbors keep doing the cleanup drive. In our house, food waste is always segregated dry and wet waste is put different we have a different bin where we put our food waste and prepare compost from it. It’s  encouraging to see that the government is getting ads that promote how food waste can be converted into manure and can be good for the soil. This cannot happen overnight it has to be an attitude.

Shweta Basu Prasad:


Just treat your ecosystem like your own home. Don’t litter, avoid plastic, and grow more trees. The global warming is growing at an alarming rate. I plant trees as many as I can. Also, I use an economic friendly Ganesha idol for the festivities. Please stop the toxic immersion of idols in the sea. We are contaminating what God created, by “trying” to show respect. Get in touch with people from your ALM (area line management) see what you can do to contribute in your own area. A city/country is beyond an individual’s reach. Start with your home.

Vivian DSena: 

I don’t use plastic bags at all. Whenever I shop I ensure I don’t use plastic bags. I also ensure garbage should be thrown at the right place. Wet and dry garbage should be separated and spitting on the road should be fined. We can’t be polluting our roads. I am particular about getting PUC checked too regularly. Self-initiative is a must for every citizen. Taking care of our environment is our sole duty and we all must do our bit because after all this Earth is our home.


Aniruddh Dave:

I believe in using all products which are only environment friendly. I don’t eat if anything is served in plastic plates. You can use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. You can start recycling plastic products. Initiative has to be taken by every individual. Planting trees and going green is one of the most important things that need to be done for saving the environment.



We can save the environment by starting on an individual level. We can start car pooling, also instead of cars; we can start cycling on a daily level. Also PUC for all the cars and bikes is a must to keep a tap on pollution. We can plant small saplings for a greener environment. Also, keep your surroundings clean, don’t throw wrappers and such on the streets. You can create a change.

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