Posted on June 13, 2017 at 12:46 am

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Rishi Khurana returns with the quirky web-series “Ladies Driver”

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Walking a mile in women’s shoes is harder than most people think. Then what would happen if men were to live the life of one? Television’s most versatile actor Rishi Khurana takes on the role of a female driver in his debut home production “Ladies Driver” only to discover that there’s more than meets the eye to women.

We got in touch with the star of the show Rishi Khurana who shared,

“The response to “Ladies Driver” has been very nice, everyone loved it. Many of my co-actors have been sharing the link to the series because they loved the simplicity and humor the series has to offer. This venture is very special to me not only because it is my hoem production but because it gave me to work with my talented wife Kalpana who has penned the concept. We worked on a very tight budget because it was our own hard earned money we invested into the project but thankful we have been working with a fantastic group of people. They have proven that the statement, the industry is a selfish place, to be very wrong.”

Starring Rishi Khurana, Shashwita Sharma, Ketki Chitle, Yaman Chatwal, Karan Mehat, Ayesha Singh and more, Ladies Driver can be viewed on Making Out Pictures’ Youtube Channel.

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