Posted on June 6, 2017 at 11:34 am

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Anil Kapoor And His Son Harshvardhan Are Giving Us Father-Son Goals In GQ Magazine Photoshoot

No matter what, Anil Kapoor is a proud father of his son Harshvardhan, which is clearly visible in their latest GQ magazine cover.

But what was more interesting, is the father-son goals they gave us during their photoshoot.

Check it out:

Father-son? Naah, they look like bros!!

The totally cool duo!

Prolly not that cool though… Anil Kapoor being dad at his best here. We totally feel you, Harsh.

Both of you – your eyes are so mesmerizing <3

Because the son always stays close to the heart.

One of the loveliest photos we’ve come across since days altogether…

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