Posted on May 15, 2017 at 8:46 am

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Salman Khan Is Killing It With His Dance Moves In Tubelight’s First Song The Radio Song’s Stills

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Salman Khan is perfectly carrying the essence of Manali in each still we see from his upcoming movie ‘Tubelight’.

Even now, before ‘The Radio Song’ officially launches, when we came across some stills from the song, the essence remains.

This superstar is seen dancing with the ladies, who are also complimenting him and his dance moves. Check it out:

Not only that, a group of men have picked up our hero off the floor and he still manages to look way too adorable!

We’ve already fallen in love with these dance moves by Salman. Now just wondering what will happen after the song comes out! #TheRadioSong #GotSomeAddictiveDanceMoves

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