Posted on April 26, 2017 at 8:04 am

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7 WTF Moments In Half Girlfriend Song Thodi Der

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‘Half Girlfriend’ has released its new song, ‘Thodi Der’, which is a disaster because of both Shreya Ghoshal‘s unnecessary high pitch and the video.

Yeah, well, how can someone, at one moment, laugh on a terrace, and at the other moment, sing in a campus, with a band?

Not only that, look at the over-zealous guy. He has the guts to push an overly-excited Arjun Kapoor aside. Get real, guys!

Ok, take you time to digest this. Shraddha Kapoor calls Arjun to meet her. He easily rushes off, and she, shown as a carefree woman, is checking the lanes to sneak out. Psst. She was in a pub just some time back!

Yes she was drunk, but why making this scene look romantic? It’s just blah!

Try doing this in an Indian Metro train and either the guitar will be on top of you because of the velocity the train is in, or because somebody will smash your head for troubling them after a long tiring day.

Simply no! Metros are not the place to be so romantic, and I really thought Shraddha would understand that, if she understood being Arjun’s “half girlfriend” is better.

Take your time to LOL. Shraddha is glad to see Arjun dance, like THAT! Hahahahahhahaha. Sorry. Hahahahahahahaha.

If you still wish to watch the whole song, Thodi Der, from ‘Half Girlfriend’, here it is:

Good luck if you clicked it.

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