Posted on March 4, 2017 at 3:17 pm

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Holy Smokes! Arsh Bajwa Gains 17 KGS for 'Running Shaadi'

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There is working and then there is dedication! Bollywood debutant Arsh Bajwa showed the world how dedicated he is to the art of acting with his first film.


The actor gained a grand total of 17 KGS for Amit Roy’s ‘Running Shaadi’. The actor shares, “For ‘Running Shaadi’, I had to put on 17 KGS in a matter of 3 months. Furthermore, I was not able to shave or trim my hair. In order to achieve my look, I did not even bathe for days. It was just shower for me in every 30 days or so. Thankfully the efforts paid off and I am being appreciated for this character.”

Way to go Arsh!

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