Posted on February 5, 2017 at 5:35 am

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#StressRelief: When Do You Need to Use A Springy Ball?

The springy ball is a modified stress ball that has an adjustable string attached to it rather than handling a free-floating stress ball. The adjustable string holds the ball by your hand and palm, making it easier for you to maneuver when using the ball.

Traditionally, as the name suggests, stress balls are effective for persons who are under a lot of stress. Though that could have been perceived as the truth in the past, it isn’t now. There are various reasons that you may need to have, hold and squeeze a stress ball in your life. These reasons and circumstances include:


Are you going for an interview, but you’re totally anxious? You are not alone in this and though you have to get yourself out of anxiety, a springy stress ball has been shown to be more effective in this.

The ball directs all your thoughts in one direction by stimulating the sensory and the motor muscles. Your mind easily focuses on one activity or the squeezing in your hand thus dissipating all the anxiety off your system.


Fidgeting is considered a bad habit and an indication of less confidence. Though this may be true in some cases, fidgeting can also indicate boredom and it is an effective natural strategy to engage the bored part of the brain. If you fidget in class, meetings, or when taking a test, you should consider getting a springy ball that will be easy to maneuver. The ball will not fall and it will not cause any distractions.

to deliver a good speech

Did you know that you can deliver a good speech when your mind isn’t focused on the crowd and the stage fright? Yes. All you need is a healthy and effective distraction. The stress balls highlighted on have been shown to help sustain attention. By squeezing the ball, you are able to focus on the speech and the thoughts about how bad your speech delivery is fly away.

Meditation difficulties

Have you been struggling to meditate, but have been successful? Do you often wonder what you are doing wrong? Fortunately, this isn’t a difficulty that you are experiencing alone. The mind is like a busy port and quieting all the sounds and thoughts running through it is hard.

Two springy balls held in each hand make it possible for you to concentrate. The anxiety, fear, and the random thou

ghts crossing your mind are redirected to the stress ball.

Besides the random thoughts, different energy spectrums in your body should be balanced for meditation. Your Chi must be at peace/balanced for meditation and the stress balls make this possible.

Improve your musical memory

Music is an important part in life and just like many other people; it is hard to imagine life without music. If a musician falls ill, they may be unable to play. Musical prowess and experience makes it possible for a musician to remember notes even after years of not holding an instrument. The springy ball is helpful in stimulating the muscle cells and for enhancing brain memory.

stress-ball-medium stress-ball-firm-1

In conclusion, you may be physically fit but your mind may be racing. To calm down or to redirect your thoughts, invest in a high quality springy stress ball or balls.


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